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It is necessary to leave, body and soul

02 Feb

The idea that idleness comes from the Greeks, and there is even literature extolling it aFadigafor false wisdom, does not correspond to truth, see what Aristotle says on the subject: “to exalt inertia more than action does not correspond to truth, because happiness is activity, “on the other hand activism prevents reflection and rest for a profitable activity.
Byung-Chul Han warns that our current culture is of a “Society of fatigue” (edited in Brazil by Vozes 2017): “The society of tiredness and performance today has traces of a coactive society, each carrying a field , a field of work. The specific characteristic of this field of work is that each one is both a prisoner and guardian, victim and tormentor, master and slave. We explore ourselves. “(Han, 2017, 115)
We give no respite to our body (of course others give too much), “work out” and other forms of exercise (Sloterdijk will call it “unsprayed ascesis”), fill with medicines and vitamins (the principle of immunology in both authors) , and it is not a quest, but only to be filled with nonsense until self-exhaustion.
Also the excess of courses (I’m referring to courses without content and profit), motivational lectures that cost 100 to 1 thousand reais, are part of a new wave.
It is a human search, understandable, everyone wants to find the new one, but if you look closely this set of things are just old ideas and attitudes made up, to “sell.”
Reeducating thought, relationships and even what we think of spirituality, which means giving meaning to subjective things (I have already said that there is no detachment or criticism of objectivities that would be a dualism), it means structuring the human soul and clear in a body.
It is necessary to get out of the routine, from the bureaucracy of daily life, without taking into account the mediatic appeals only.
In the Gospel of Mark, which recounts the healing of the mother-in-law, exalted in many preaching because she is server, but there is a more precious detail that says that Jesus left at night to pray and in him when the apostles say (Mk 1,37,38) Jesus replied: “Let us go to other places, to the surrounding villages! I must also preach there, for this is what I came for. ”
Self-indulgence and inertia need healing, it is necessary to move those who have a new spirit should quit the quest, should go out to listen to others, to live a healthy life