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Individualization and relationship losses

07 Feb

All processes of modern individualization were forms of isolation of the subject,aOrfeu-atenas initially of objects (the famous Kantian rupture between objectivism and subjectivism), after the individuals among themselves, but Sloterdijk we go further, states “anatomical.”
The form of his criticism is one of the pillars of the pathetic nation-state, the formulation of Rousseau who was “the inventor of man without a friend, who could only think of the other complement in the form of an immediate maternal nature or an immediate national totality. “(Sloterdijk, 2016, 248).
The solitude of modern man gives a more solid explanation: “If the individual can not complete and stabilize himself through successful applications of the techniques of solitude – for example, in artistic exercises and written soliloquies – he is destined to be absorbed by the totalitarian collectives “(p. 349) for this, writes in Spheres I on the bubbles.
It gives an anatomical explanation for this: “The modern solitary subject is not the result of his own choice, but a fractional product of the rude separation of birth and placenta.” (350), just as he had already spoken of the heart in the relationship with the Other, now traverses the original aspect, the attachment of the child to the mother through the placenta, this helps to understand his concept of “anatomical individualism.”
He resorted to the novel of Orpheus and Eurydice to explain the rupture, in Greek mythology Orpheus was the son of the muse Calliope with the Apollo or Éagro, king of Thrace, knows Eurydice and falls in love and marries with her, but the beauty of Eurydice attracts a beekeeper Aristeu, but Orpheus pursues her and in pursuit she stumbles on a serpent that bit her heel and kills her.
Orpheus’s symbology that serves the modern man is the pursuit of the relationship, but without abandoning his “anatomical individualism” he can not reach communion, the umbilical connection that prevents him from “truthful relations”, organic, although he praises “pure relationship “As did Orpheus who praises her in his songs (photo).
Maybe Sloterdijk does not know, but the brazilian popular dictator: “looking at his own belly button” that has exactly an individualistic sense, in this case is looking at the relationship lost.

SLOTERDIJK, P. Esferas I: bolhas (Spheres I: bubbles). Translate to portuguese: José Oscar A. Marques São Paulo: Estação Liberdade, 2016