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Exclusion and immune shock

08 Feb

Petr Sloterdijk’s idea that history is “a collision of immune systems,” could very well beaImunologia translated to be understood as the “clash of exclusions,” and the idea that the people who do this are just religious is false and ideological .
In an interview and dialogue on the Frontiers of Thought, the philosopher said: “Marx was wrong when he intended that every criticism should begin with the critique of” religion. ” True criticism must begin with false concepts. The idea that God wanted to destroy humanity in the Flood is a heavy expression of how people may feel guilty, but it is a false concept. The idea that widows should be burned with their husbands is also a false concept. To pose the question paradoxically as it is: [religion] has nothing to do with religion. “, see Gauchazh brazilian site.
The idea that religion, in the philosophical and theological sense, has nothing to do with religion, reconnection to God and our fellow man is easily demonstrated by reading theologians who are most concerned with an “immune” religion (of Others, who are the others?) and less with the inclusion of people who are invisible to the contemporary world.
The philosopher who wrote the “Critique of Cynical Reason” in 1986, said in the interview, which sheds light on the world political scene: “In our days, the cynicism syndrome as an aggressive revolt against the idea of ​​justice, progress and goodwill is again changing the party field. I see very few “conservative” elements in the new right-wing movements around the world, if by conservatism we understand the just sentiment for the values ​​of the past. I perceive instead a lot of anger against civilization as such and a deep hatred against the “elites” – symptoms that we know very well of the totalitarian temptations of the 20th century. There has been a significant debate among French intellectuals in recent months about the new “demoralization.” ”
In addition to immunological exclusion, we provide social scale with a “demoralization”, the religion that includes lepers, widows, women and the poor, has nothing to do with immunological