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The exclusion and the lepers today

09 Feb

It is not uncommon even in places of relative calm and social well-being that aosLeprososthe man feels uncomfortable and displaced from everything that lives and feels around him: families are no longer just a place of comfort, in Brazil the rates of domestic violence frighten , even laser space like football fields and other sports are encountering fights, corruptions and various types of violence, not to mention the society at large that lives at alarming rates.
We think that isolation is the solution, when not alone in groups and often in large groups, we also form our bubbles of “security”, are no longer spaces of comfort because it is almost unattainable, but safety.
The widening of the concept of individualism to that of microspheres and spheres of Sloterdijk, the spice that we find coming out of the self and going to the self is not enough, in him we feel the absence of something essential, if we can not reach the spiritual sphere, which I call the noosphere (sphere of the spirit), we must understand the processes of exclusion of the “bubbles”.
First because they are unreal these days, we live a wide-ranging exhibition, Byung-Chul Han talks disc and in the recent book of Domenico de Mais (post Monday here) also speaks of social “disorientation”, and therefore is not of liquidity, but of fleeting spheres and a new relation with exclusion: the peripheries existences and their “bubbles”.
There will be no solution if there is no leap beyond itself, it is a beyond that which was badly defined in philosophy as one for itself, although there also occurs the danger of fideism and subjectivism, it is in him that we find it open spheres of our dreams, of our poetry and of a worldview without exclusion, the problem that Heidegger called Weltanschauung.
Oscillating between a religious pique and a pseudo-religious low-level materialism, the necessary world view becomes a vision without exclusion, that world in all persons may be part of it.
At a time when leprosy (the leprosy) was the worst kind of exclusion, and was even considered “One,” Jesus’ words can well summarize the exclusion of that time in Mark when a leper asks him on his knees: “If you want , you can cleanse me! “Jesus reached out and touched him and said,” I want to. Be purified! “(Mark 1: 40-41).
Leprosy today is many, look around us and how many people excluded in the various bubbles that look around and say haughty “are not our people” because these “are impure.”