Arquivo para February 12th, 2018

The liquid Policy

12 Feb

Unable to make a correct reading of the current process of globalization, politics across the AveryConfuseglobe develops in a false right-left dichotomy, since it is only de facto right (defense of the market, return to the concept of wealth of the nations, defense of manual labor without the machines, etc.) in a comic style of Trump, and it is only de facto left (defense of the sacred intervention of the state in any economic and all human areas, such as art, religion and schooling), as the childishness of the dictator of North Korea: Kim-Jong Un.

Brazil is no different, the picture that moved in the axis of Lulopetismo (ex-presidente Lula is chief of PT partity) and militarism the Bolsonaro fashion is nothing more than a repetition of the history, in fact, the corruption and the blows were nothing else but the repetition of the history, from the proclamation of the republic , getulism, tenentism and military coup are antecedents of a ruling class that has taken over the Brazilian State since the Proclamation of the Republic in an institutional form of statism, and, perhaps before the monarchist period, but without forgetting the Pombaline reforms.
In Brazil the Pombaline reforms (Iluminist reforms in colonial Brazil) are important because they are the presence of the deepest and perhaps most radical Illuminist State in Latin America, but historians and politicians forget about it, in fact a clear demonstration is the positivist motto “Order and Progress” (and Love, positivismo lemma) printed on the flag and government motto Michel Temer.
Bauman’s liquid modernity, in his later writings, practically abandoned it, it is convenient to Brazilian political religiosity that remains in dualism, without the possibility of finding an answer in the third way, we hope it appears, and not the Hulk.
Without realizing that the process of a new globalization is already necessary, without it there will be no end to corruption, income redistribution, religious tolerance, racial and mainly political, to respond to the modernist mausoleum, which is no longer liquid because life continues to pulsate on the planet.
The net policy does not have the strength to push this change, it is trapped in a false dualistic dichotomy, it has no humanitarian foundation, it appeals to the welfare state because the state is its belief, not the concrete man, the one who suffers from this net policy.
Perhaps from where we least expect an answer, the Portuguese contraption (Portuguese government collision), meanwhile we are packing a false joy in the middle of the carnival, but Wednesday is coming finish in Brazil.