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The zeal of the House and the “temple” reconstruction

02 Mar

In the biblical passage where Jesus expels temple merchants, vendors, and other traders of religious relicsaGuernica of his time (Jn 2: 13-16), it is more common to remember the rope whip than the next passage that says (John 2,19 ): “Destroy this Temple, and in three days I will raise it,” which seemed absurd since the temple was built in 46 years and how it would do it in 3 days.

The first part is best remembered by exegetes because there was the prophecy about what messiah that “Zeal for thy house shall consume me” (Psalm 69: 9) and therefore, in Jesus this prophecy is confirmed.

It is true that he spoke of his body rebuilding in 3 days, since it dies during the Jewish Paschua, which now due to the calendar does not always coincide with the Christian, but Jesus dies on Thursday when a lamb should be killed to eat it at the end of the Friday night, and at Christian Easter he is himself the lamb slain.

There is no doubt that the Battle of Guernica (1937), painting by Pablo Picasso is a symbol of our time, the war that shatters the BEING.

Seen as a sign of the times we must think that also the destruction and reconstruction of societies and cultures in our time have shortened, if this was done in more than a generation, today both destruction and reconstruction are fast and can take only hours.

The speed of information, which is often disinformation can destroy and build quickly, typical of the present times, is usually remembered only to deconstruct, a term used in philosophy, but there is also the construction in many areas of knowledge and sociability.

The Internet from the late 1970s to the 1990s changed the sociability of communication, the Web became popular content in 15 years, from 1990 to 2005 when Web 2.0 came on, and now IoT promises to change more deeply in a short time, but Has society changed? these are considerations of language and structure, but the “temple” is that of the “Being”, ontologically established and this is before any technology continues to be, with anguish and hopes.

It is a temple of reconstruction of the “temple” of being, but this means changing the structures, the form in which the content is expressed and “in-form”, in it will live the “Being” of our new time.