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Clearing and Truth

09 Mar

Not by chance is the main work of Gadamer called “Truth and Method”, because the methodaClareiraMundo of finding the truth is in him that is the truth itself, the opposite is also valid, who uses a method even if it is “logical” not will have the truth, but only its instrumentalization.

Lewis Carol wrote “Alice in Wonderland” according to logic, but starting from false premisses, the first is Alice’s “dream,” in which, as in any other dream, the symbolic aspects are a “fantasy” and yet to reality lie in the human imagination and not in the reality of facts or possibilities.

As Heidegger called the clearing, that part with greater visibility within a forest, the century of lights called itself “enlightenment,” Plato wrote about the light in the bottom of the caves as a reflection of reality, one might ask today: where is the light.

We will not find it as they want the ethics of the justice of the law, the ethics of the state, or even more moralistic and fundamentalist ethics, a possible clearing to rebuild a world in which the need to see itself as a whole finds pieces of “clearings ” everywhere.

What we need to bring to the attention of great contemporary thinkers is to change one’s own mentality about the “clearings”, to change thinking, to rethink one’s own thinking, which is nothing more than a mere ideology tied to the past that has built many things, but there is now a demand for more substancial of seeing the world as a whole.

It is above all necessary to look at diverse realities with a look of respect and even admiration, violências cultures have their own ethics and wisdom, seeing them on the Western gaze is first and foremost a preconception to be overcome in a fusion of horizons.

At the time of the biblical scriptures in which the people mocked their traditions and truths, Nebuchadnezzar took the captives to Great Babylon, the great king of Persia Cyrus, was, without being a Jew had a temple built in Jerusalem for the God of the Jews.

As the biblical reading in John 3:21 says: “But he that worketh according to the truth draweth near to the light, that his actions may be manifested in God”, so that the truth which is light draweth nigh unto him, and the post-truth departs from it but gets further and further away from the “glare.”

The West has a hard time believing in the truth about the changes necessary for our time: more respect for cultural diversity, greater equality in the distribution of goods and respect for nature.