Arquivo para March 23rd, 2018

Release Barrabas

23 Mar

Solidarity leaders around the world are arrested or can be arrested at any time, if some coincidence exists with the history of some country is not mere chance, but I see that Portugal has achieved something new that is a President of Center-Right and a government that is a union of the lefts.

Talking with the new friends here in Lisbon, I first discover a soul of poets still alive, a people who still dream and who have a serious concern with Brazil.

Would we have some point of dialogue in Brazil, finding it will be difficult, but not impossible, it takes men capable of it and with the moral to it.

We are heading for the holy week when the martyrdom of a God is remembered, but is it enough to learn some lesson, at least believe in this lesson?

I believe it is not yet read in the biblical passage of Mark 15: 10-11: “He well knew that the high priests had delivered Jesus out of envy. But the high priests stirred up the multitude so that Pilate would let them go. ”

Our situation is similar or similar, I believe that we do not need to let go of Jesus and love him as much as he loves us (love one another as I have loved you) and also love the Brazilian soul that asks for a leader like Barabbas, it is also to remove him from his abandonment:

“Eloi, Eloi, lamá sabactâni? What does it mean: My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” (Mark 15:34).

The image above was found on a table in an ancien thins shop.