Arquivo para March 29th, 2018

Nature and man: transubstantiation

29 Mar

Every crisis occurs having a deep bond of the relationship of man with nature and in function of this change, social relations between men change.
It was at the beginning with the planting and the domestication of the animals, which made it possible for the nomadic man to become more sedentary, but the present time, that of modernity, man has lost the ability to identify what binds him to the animal, to which is alive, to nature, paradoxically just when science and “philosophy speak of” dominating nature ”
Already the crisis, in the current limit, + and inability of perception of what in nature differs from it, ecological, transgenic and bioengineering problems.
Man being a piece of nature, and in return, nature produces hominization, Teilhard Chardin stated that man is the complexification of nature, Edgar Morin (2005) states that man guides and follows nature.
The historical question leads us to reflect on the kind of relationship we establish with nature, including our own nature, what we are as the substance of the universe, and the Eucharistic enigma: because God became substance: bread and wine, on this date Christian who recalls this last and greatest miracle of Jesus.
We can see in this physical reality (the substance) the landscape must be understood as physical reality extended as social construction? The logical answer is yes.
But in a constant world of transformation, of social mores, artifacts, and indeterminate places, the landscape between nature and society has evolved; it is already both nature-object and subject-nature, does this dichotomy evolve?
Perhaps we are more ready to understand the miracle of transubstantiation, God has become artifacts of man, two universal artifacts: bread-food and wine-drink.