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Utopia and Confusion

02 May

Before proceeding to show the relation between being and technique, one must make a digression for the catastrophic technician-prophecies and the confucioness, that is to say, it is called network nor everything that is network, lends itself the artificial intelligence to human while the opposite is true, and finally, post-human machines are created without an existential response to man.

Brade Runner 2049 could not succeed, who better than the first one takes a plunge into the human existential problem, while “Androids dream of electric sheep?” Asks in his book Philip K. Dick, who inspired the films of the series, is 1968 (sic), including a hardcover edition to celebrate the 50 years recently.

 Confusioness is a term coined by Lucien Sfez, who in addition to communication participated in the projects Genome, Biosphere II and Artificial Life, so it is not someone who speaks without understanding the possibilities, the daydreams and the challenges of technology.

At the same time recognizes, among the daydreams of course, “The utopia of a total record; to make a being in our image, as a man is that of God, thanks to science, indisputable, transparent, luminous as a sacred gladius; the belief in the omnipotence of an electronic science; the illusion of freedom; and the creation of a perfect machine “(SFEZ, 1996).

I would not use the word utopia, I consider it a confusioness one, since what Thomas Morus wrote would be a community society without attachments and with a “social health” greater than that dreamed by the Enlightenment, and which is the very science that created this confusional and not Thomas Morus (1478-1535), was not a dreamer was a statesman, held various public offices, including Henry VIII’s chancellor, who was precisely his tormentor for religious reasons.

The limits of the technique are within the possibilities and challenges, among these are those that allow space travel no longer in large ships, but in micro-ships that would travel in quantum worm-holes and computers that use larger techniques volume of data, with greater volume of data communicated and processed.

In the field of possibilities it is worth reading “Physics of the Impossible” (2008) by Michio Kaku, among the field of challenges is worth reading “Le Mythe de la Singularité” by Jean-Gabriel Ganascia (2017), who tunes the challenges of Artificial Intelligence and punctuates points of pure fantasy.

I will not resort to more arguments, it is impossible to convince anyone in the field of hypotheses does not abandon the hypothesis of the transhuman or the machine smarter than the man, just see the delusions about today’s social media, use the argument of a saint, perhaps few will know this phrase of St. Francis: “Begin by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you will be doing the impossible”, it is true that it speaks in the field of mysticism, but who said that it is separated from the physical world or at least the meta- physicist.

SFEZ, Lucien. (1996) Saúde Perfeita – crítica a uma nova utopia (Perfect health – criticism of a new utopia). São Paulo: Loyola.