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Can a Divided House Survive

08 Jun

The word is bible, but true for many countries across the earth and for the planet as a whole, it takes a minimum of unity to progress and ensure progress for all.
Unity is compromised and risk of wars, in addition to the intermittent wars in Africa, the Middle East and tensions in several European countries, may at some point break like the Guatemalan volcano and the consequences would be unpredictable.
The tension with Will will happen again, and also North Korea still has remnants of threat, as well as social tensions throughout Latin America.
How to react to all this? it is necessary to seek points of unity and dialogue, the war has no winners all lose, and of course, the powerful and the war industry to profit.
The Biblical word for Mark 3: 23-25 ​​says, “Then Jesus called them and spoke to them in parables,” How can Satan cast out Satan? and a kingdom divides against itself, it can not stand. If a family divides itself against itself, it can not stand, “and beyond the idea of ​​the kingdom of God, which is evident, there is also a word to man: oneness.
Unity is a divine word, of course it is always about a certain tension: inequalities, injustices, exclusions, prejudices are all inherent forms of divisions, but even in these cases dialogue is possible and fundamental, the idea that violence alone destroys violence is warlike
Looking at the upcoming elections in Brazil, it is necessary to seek points of convergence, more than a dozen candidates is an absurdity in cost and confusion for the simple people, we must debate idea and programs under pain of accepting an adventurer or dictator.
Dialogue can be harsh and even harsh, but it is necessary to bend over so as not to break up and build partisan fronts around programs and proposals, and hope too.