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Chaos and small things

14 Jun

Although chaos suggests something totally disorganized, such as physical and mathematical theory it means highly sensitive and dependent dynamic systems of their initial conditions, and most systems as they are complex, depend on these conditions (see previous post).
As the system evolves and if we can think of this system over many years, the system that could move “linearly” undergoes profound changes, and this time when the system undergoing changes becomes unpredictable, it is called Lyapunov’s stability period (the above fractal), for example, this calculated period for the sun is approximately 50 million years, it can be calculated for any dynamic system.
At this point complexity theory are united, dynamic systems are complex if seen for long periods, sensitivity of the initial conditions, they can determine the changes in these periods of Lyapunov and Chaos theory, all systems are in constant organization and this can cause great instabilities , depending on the weather.
So small things are unstable over the years and depending on the initial conditions, they are small things like a butterfly wing.
What we can do over the years then is to apply these concepts to human culture, to civilizing processes and to daily conversations and dialogues, thinking about human systems.
Thinking about nature, the planet and indirectly in society, it is necessary not to change the treatment of soil, water, plants and animals, so that in the future a little distant, now not so much, guarantee the stability of the planet, planting of food and an indispensable harmony of nature, in flowers, fruits and beauty.
The theory of chaos is therefore not a theory of the mess, it is precisely the opposition to it, if Francis Bacon and others spoke in the field of Nature, not least his maxim that said “you can not dominate nature without following it “Which means to obey its laws”,