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Small things make a difference?

15 Jun

The answer is yes, though we often imagine that a small act of concord, honesty, or hope can mean a naive act, not the same when we think of the physical sense, but everyday thinking remains the mechanic.

Quantum physics and complexity theory have demonstrated this (the name chaos is also misinterpreted because it is the fact that not everything is linear), but it seems more “organized”, more “logical” binary logic of the yes and no, and in this case also has nothing to do with the digital world, only with idealistic thinking.

Also the biblical wisdom and the teachings of Jesus reflected this, in the words of the evangelist Mark, “The Kingdom of God is like a grain of mustard seed, when it is sown on the earth, it is the least of all the seeds of the earth.

When it is sown, it grows larger than all the greenery, and extends branches so large that the birds of the sky can shelter themselves in its shade “(Mark 4: 31-32), who has seen a grain of mustard and saw your tree know this. It is easier and more tempting to follow the current.

But if with small daily gestures we make a difference it gradually changes the culture around us and can spread to other people, just as a vicious circle is difficult to break, a virtuous circle transforms the habits and the environment in which we are inserted.

This is valid for nature, for example for ecological concern and not infrequently we already see many people worrying about the selection of waste, with trees and animals, this will make a difference over the years, it is a new culture that create.

The question of honesty is a reflection of the world of corruption, if we take away small acts of daily corruption we may over the years make corruption something truly heinous, said one activist: “it will be remembered as terrible as slavery.”

It is necessary to apply and be resilient in small acts of daily attitudes of truth and justice.