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The use of artificial intelligence for education

31 Jul

According to the report by the British publishing group Pearson, Artificial Intelligence will positively impact teaching in the coming years, says the text: “Imagine lifelong learning partners fueled by Artificial Intelligence that can accompany and support students throughout their studies – in and out of school – or new forms of assessment that measure learning while it is ongoing, shaping the learning experience in real time. ”

Those who are reluctant and even opposed to AI teaching argue that it automates and individualizes the learning process, and education would not be so, but there are many reasons to advocate this new support tool in class. In favor of using these tools, teachers will be able to evaluate the performance and supervision of each student’s learning in an individualized way, but this means that they will pay more attention to the weaknesses and, using statistical methods, to act and correct them more quickly and weaknesses.

As for the device, in addition to the training that Alexa personal assistants awaken, the learning of each student allows for the accumulation of data to give the teacher a more precise view of the student in the virtual space that helps the student’s intellectual evolution.

The questioning and discussions should be extended until machine learning is already so evolved that its presence in the educational process is irreversible.



Is it possible measure the evolution of AI ?

30 Jul

Now it seems that yes, it is necessary to establish more precise tests and exactly the accuracy of these tests, but researchers of the Computer Vision Lab, of the Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich have created a test system (benchmark) that tests the performance of neural network´s platforms used to perform common Artificial Intelligence tasks, such as answering questions, finding certain data, and other smartphone applications already used in common neural network tasks.

The idea is to measure the performance of AI systems, such as and done on today’s computers and on applications useful in smartphones, which use Artificial Intelligence.

The basic plan + and measure the performance in the systems, as already done for some answers: time, locators, flights, restaurants, etc. and growing in complexity, which will make manufacturers and application vendors make their models more sophisticated.

The application calls AI Benchmark and allows, among other things, the comparison of the speed of AI models to run on different Android smartphones, punctuating performance, already found in the Google Play app.

The device that has the dedicated AI chip dedicated to some devices (at least with Android OS 4.1 installed already will be fast enough to do these functions.

Some applications may be more complex, for example sorting images with easy recognition and the ability to segment and improve photos, indicating that this type of application can grow and evolve to more complex applications.


Power and empowerment

27 Jul

Empowerment is the buzz word, however, as opposed to meaning more empowerment means only more power and will to power alone. In philosophy, it was Nietzsche who explored him most.

Although he never gave a formal definition of this concept, it is possible to understand it as that will we all have of fulfillment, ambition and effort to reach the highest possible position in life.

Although this may be and in many cases was confused with power, in German “Der Wille zur Macht“, the will to power would be the translation that we use here.

It means that there was still in Nietzsche a remnant of idealism coming from Greek culture, since it is possible to read a power as “virtus”, the virtual coming from the virtuous circle of the exercise of power without any idealism, the seed is virtually the tree and will perform its power to produce fruit remaining as a tree.

It also means that there is an unrealizable virtus, which is the seed not wanting to be a tree, and is not the possibility of its denial, that is to say the grain that dies and rots to give rise to the tree, this is true virtus, but the grain of wheat that would wish to be something else.

The biblical passage in which Jesus performs the miracle of the loaves and asks the disciples to collect all the crumbs, because surely soon that people would feel hunger again, there is also the exit of Jesus to another corner, because after the miracle they wanted to proclaim it King.

It is read in John 6:15. “But when he saw that they were willing to take him to proclaim him king, Jesus went away alone again to the mountain.”


Qubits Storage Preset

26 Jul

The quantum bit or qubits, is the bit unit for quantum storage made in the latest technology through photons.

Silicon chips, which come from old transistor technology that oscillates between two states of electric charge, 0 or 5 Volts, only have the two states, but the quantum chips may have the “1” and “0”, a third state in which they are “interlaced” and this gives the possibility of storing more than two bits in a photon result in 3 qubits.

Using this physical fact of quantum physics, scientists at the University of Science and Technology of China have managed to store 18 qubits in only 6 interlaced photons, which is a record.

But not everything should be celebrated, while the two simple states of the qubits are processing at practically light speeds, the interlacings take a few seconds, which according to Sydney Chreppler, a quantum physics researcher at the University of Berkeley (USA), is an “eternity” gor the processing of quantum bits.

The possibility of quantum storage will not only give a jump in the storage of computers, but also in their speeds, since the speed of light photons, even in a physical medium that reduces the speed, optical fiber or corresponding circuits, which will change the computing power making current storage possible in Zettabits (10 ^ 21).

The article was published in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters, is also available for reading on arXiv. [LiveScience]




Musical painting

25 Jul

It is already possible a musical painting, the idea is to use micro LEDs (diodes sensitive to light) and with the painting put electric charges that when the contact with the hand or some other material produces an electric current and it can be associated with a sound.

Bare Conductive is a small studio in London that makes black conductive and viscous paint, the basic material is carbon, which makes it quite accessible to experiment, as well as being a conductive material.
The study saw how to grow a community of edges around them, without musical instruments and without caring who is the best.


Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence

24 Jul

Among the emerging technological innovations in the year 2018 is Mixed Reality (MR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella already pointed to one of the future solutions, HoloLens, a RM + IA solution that helps users do things that were previously impossible.

Virtual Reality are environments that shut out the real world, Augmented Reality are digital content apn top of the real world and mixed reality digital content interacts with the real world.

The ability to merge the physical and digital worlds (the analogical concept applies to devices, but not to the real world), makes mixed reality allow to build experiences of people, places, and things regardless of their physical location and can interact digitally, I call this a multi-presence.

The companies promise, among them Microsoft, to incorporate HoloLens with more AI by building a Holographic Processing Unit or HPU. The mixed reality is avenging, in addition to the software available next to Windows 10, because experiences in the experiences of RA and RV, you can have the best of both worlds, RV is charming, but has a hypnotic effect, RA lacks realism.

Future experiences should incorporate sharing in the RM environment, a disruptive application of social media, with experiences that break down the walls of isolation and who knows, give a more educational dimension to the games.

The mixed reality can connect people in a meaningful, convincing and content-filled way, the multi-party will unite us, wait for a new application.



Zero UI – Interfaces of the Future

23 Jul

 In the simplified definition of Andy Goodman Zero UI is the use of the perception of an object for the manipulation of an object projected in another environment – real or virtual.
I call this multi-presence, because the real or virtual object is in another environment and is manipulated as if its presence were in a certain one, but the future of these environments will be the sharing as we saw in the previous post, so multipresencial.
I quote Andy Goodman not because he is a computer expert, but exactly what we need an education expert for an online world, he gives seminars on storytelling and storytelling, open education courses, director of the Fjord Solid group, where there are inúmeras Open4Education initiatives, and it supports collaboration on Google’s atap site.
If you want to understand the name, it is very simple, the phrase is from Golden Krishna: “the best interface is no interface”, this means a holographic and haptic interface that is manipulated in the air, and a “almost hidden” machine certainly provided with some artificial intelligence algorithm, receives the commands and performs the desired task.
Companies are eyeing, the Adobe blog, talks about interfaces without screens, and thinks of ultrahaptic interfaces, using ultrasound for touch perception and giving the user the necessary reaction to the touch so that he feels what he is doing.
Microsoft is advancing with its HoloLens project, despite the uncomfortable use of the promises of advanced advantages of its environment, in addition to a simple and powerful usability.
South Korea’s ETRI has announced the use of an international standard for Zero UI automatic interpretation interfaces that enables seamless interaction between users and smartphones without the need for a medium, the standard that should have a rapid expansion for smartphone users, can make a de facto standard and compel other companies to mold to this model.
Interfaces UI will be common use in a short time, forcing the conservative user to once again adapt or stay in the world without connection, there are those who prefer this.


Urgent: agreement against lethal AI

20 Jul

Newspapers and magazines around the world are giving a breakthrough for the future of the world and AI for the second time more than 150 companies and 2,400 people from 90 different countries sign an agreement not to participate in the manufacture, use and trade of autonomous weapons including Google DeepMind, XPRIZE Foundation and Elon Musk.

It is to hold the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence that ended yesterday in Stockholm, Sweden and the compromise pact was organized by Future of Life Institute.

Almost a year ago specialists in AI and robotics signed an open letter to the United Nations to suspend the use of autonomous weapons that were threatening us with a “3rd revolution in the war.”

They pointed out at the time that “autonomous robots” mean weapons that can identify, target and kill autonomously, that is, no person makes the final decision to authorize lethal force: the decision and authorization on whether or not one will die is left to a system or algorithm on a deadly machine.

Australian professor Toby Walsh of the University of New South Wales stressed that the new lethal weapons involve ethical questions: “We can not hand over the decision about who lives and how it dies for the machines.”

Professor Walsh was among a group of Australian researchers in robotics and artificial intelligence who in November 2017 asked Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to take a stand against the artificial intelligence weaponry.

All serious researchers in this area are certainly supportive and vigilante.


Retreat, desert and epoché

20 Jul

Being in Portugal, I participate from this weekend of a “doctoral retreat”, in a cultural center, in the heart of the Alfama district of Lisbon.
As is common expression in the streets of Lisbon, “comes in handy”, also the readings of Byung Chul Han helped me, he proposes “Contemplative delay presupposes that things last.”
The active vita is that which is dominated at all by labor and by a vertiginous accumulation of capital enclosed within the pure limits of the dialectic of production and consumption.
Homo laborans is inevitably forbidden to the time of rest, of leisure, but the present forms associated with rest or passive entertainment are nothing other than panaceas that do not integrate the deepest of “being.”
There is an Aristotelian notion (the so-called bios theoretikos) founded on the reflection and aesthetic analysis of the world, perhaps this is more appropriate than other analyzes that oppose only the systematic and frenetic “laborans” or “creative leisure” and other remedies.
It takes an “essential emptiness”, a real “arethé” (a virtuous circle, an excellence not a simple specialization) to arrive at a-letheia, the unveiling of truth and reality, a true “epoché” is needed.
It is said of modern epoché, the cogito of reason did not suspend the ego, it was Husserl who went beyond the so-called “evidence of cogitatio” in generalizing the suspension of judgment, and saying that it is necessary to “go the thing by itself”, this is almost a “uprooting,” which Heidegger and other modern existentialists will deny.
The intentional object of Husserl oscillates between the immanent character of the noema and that which transcends the noema itself, so it is a third concept of transcendence surpassed the theocentric and the egocentric.
The Husserl patron of part I of The Crisis of European Humanity and Philosophy – conference given in 1935 in the Kulturbund of Vienna, will criticize the particular cultural form invented by the Greeks, a kind of “Radicality” that is proper to it, and that the finite (circumstantial and episodic) goals are linked to the original meaning of the ideas of “Good”, “Fair” and “Beautiful”, but never separated from ” ideal “and dual: being is and non-being is not.
The negativity proposed by Byung Chul and others (Gadamer for example), is neither positivist negation nor even Hegelian dialectic negation, linked to Greek thinking, is a negation within the “epoché” to bring forth the “new” anything.
Whoever can not go to the desert, does not retreat and does not transcend, does not abandon the ego, does not go to the desert, only “transcends” and affirms nihilism


Come to a desert place and rest

19 Jul

The idea of Baudrillard’s deceleration but with a misdiagnosis, which is Bauman’s desert, but in a negative and even pejorative sense, that modern man would walk like a pilgrim, fails to see on these two important sides: leaving the earth in the sense of “retreat” and in the sense of changing areas and why not, slow down.
Remember the biblical passage, which says that Jesus calls the disciples (MC 6:31) and said to them: “Come alone to a desert place and rest a little.”
There were, in fact, so many people coming and going that they did not even have time to eat. The slowdown is not so much to do with technique as what man does, as an “exercise life” says the antropotechics of Peter Sloterdijk, without actually stopping, in times of holidays and holidays, seek full places and where the unrest not for, it is the fear of emptiness, precisely on the “good side” of the desert, which rests the mind and the soul.
It can also be a time of thinking and reading, meditating or playing games, not exercises, but those who reflect jokes, sad to observe the radicalism of football games that unlike the relaxing effect of a joke, acquires ares of tense and violent disputes.
In the field of the arts, sciences, family life, and why not even meditation and religion, it is necessary to rest, to make pleasant what is tiring and exhausting, to cool the impulse.
The use of the techniques in an anxious and vicious way is not inherent in any technique, but the absence of art and controlled and laborious craft capacity of these means is a thing of a time of acceleration and paralysis, contradictorily at the same time. Byung-Chul Han’s remedy is correct, others have already spoken of this before, he himself quotes Michel Butor’s novel.
The Employment of Time, in my view one of the rare attempts to reconcile the novel with contemporary narratives, return to the poetic and made numerous collaborations with contemporary painters and artists.