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Load weights or a light life

13 Jul

The human mind is prodigious, but it is the first source of benefits and harms, as a body that by putting spoiled food react, the mind will react to whatever is put there. The bombardment of information, consumption and especially the absence of an ethic and an aesthetic of a light life, leads to the most diverse contemporary diseases: depression, anxiety, workaholic (excessive work), and above all a lack of healthy living.
The Korean-German philosopher Byung -Chul Han wrote that the present problem is no longer acceleration, it has now passed: “it is only one of the symptoms of temporal dispersion” (HAN, 2016, p.9).
The philosopher had already warned these problems in “The society of weariness” and “The salvation of the beautiful”, now penetrates the human soul and says that now there is an atomization of time, each one begins to live his fragment of self as “his little self,” with the “radical loss of space, of time, of being-with (Mitsein)” (HAN, 2016, p.10).
In the society of weariness he developed the theme of the “active vita” reference to Arendt in animal laborans (see our post), which led to hyperactivity of work (workaholic), now it is already “necessary to revitalize the contemplative vita.” (HAN, 2016, p.11).
Reducing daily weights, taking time for nature, for walking and socializing, not walking with lots of weights, bags, and “running over time”, consumption is also a discharge of bad everyday habits, lack of contemplation. It is curious that even to rest we need to carry heavy bags, food and a host of other things that remind us of the heavy day-to-day and without the “aroma of time”, it is like to miss a life that at heart we want to free ourselves . Jesus in sending his apostles to the mission, so that they would not worry about these things, advises to carry little, in Mark 6: 8-9: “He advised them not to take anything in the way, but a staff, bread, no bag, no money on the waist. He commanded them to wear sandals and not to wear two coats. ” Life can be light if we do not carry many “bags” and weights, it is curious to note that even beggars who do not have anything need to carry sacks and trash, it is actually the reflection of the mind that is occupied with strange things and nothing light, even though they live as nothing.