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Come to a desert place and rest

19 Jul

The idea of Baudrillard’s deceleration but with a misdiagnosis, which is Bauman’s desert, but in a negative and even pejorative sense, that modern man would walk like a pilgrim, fails to see on these two important sides: leaving the earth in the sense of “retreat” and in the sense of changing areas and why not, slow down.
Remember the biblical passage, which says that Jesus calls the disciples (MC 6:31) and said to them: “Come alone to a desert place and rest a little.”
There were, in fact, so many people coming and going that they did not even have time to eat. The slowdown is not so much to do with technique as what man does, as an “exercise life” says the antropotechics of Peter Sloterdijk, without actually stopping, in times of holidays and holidays, seek full places and where the unrest not for, it is the fear of emptiness, precisely on the “good side” of the desert, which rests the mind and the soul.
It can also be a time of thinking and reading, meditating or playing games, not exercises, but those who reflect jokes, sad to observe the radicalism of football games that unlike the relaxing effect of a joke, acquires ares of tense and violent disputes.
In the field of the arts, sciences, family life, and why not even meditation and religion, it is necessary to rest, to make pleasant what is tiring and exhausting, to cool the impulse.
The use of the techniques in an anxious and vicious way is not inherent in any technique, but the absence of art and controlled and laborious craft capacity of these means is a thing of a time of acceleration and paralysis, contradictorily at the same time. Byung-Chul Han’s remedy is correct, others have already spoken of this before, he himself quotes Michel Butor’s novel.
The Employment of Time, in my view one of the rare attempts to reconcile the novel with contemporary narratives, return to the poetic and made numerous collaborations with contemporary painters and artists.