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Qubits Storage Preset

26 Jul

The quantum bit or qubits, is the bit unit for quantum storage made in the latest technology through photons.

Silicon chips, which come from old transistor technology that oscillates between two states of electric charge, 0 or 5 Volts, only have the two states, but the quantum chips may have the “1” and “0”, a third state in which they are “interlaced” and this gives the possibility of storing more than two bits in a photon result in 3 qubits.

Using this physical fact of quantum physics, scientists at the University of Science and Technology of China have managed to store 18 qubits in only 6 interlaced photons, which is a record.

But not everything should be celebrated, while the two simple states of the qubits are processing at practically light speeds, the interlacings take a few seconds, which according to Sydney Chreppler, a quantum physics researcher at the University of Berkeley (USA), is an “eternity” gor the processing of quantum bits.

The possibility of quantum storage will not only give a jump in the storage of computers, but also in their speeds, since the speed of light photons, even in a physical medium that reduces the speed, optical fiber or corresponding circuits, which will change the computing power making current storage possible in Zettabits (10 ^ 21).

The article was published in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters, is also available for reading on arXiv. [LiveScience]