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The mystic Dali is little known

07 Aug

Salvador Dalí’s painting Christus Hypercubus, of 1954, created the fourth dimension of understanding in painting the fourth dimension and the quantum universe.

The mystical idea of ​​Salvador Dalí described in the picture Christus Hypercubus was already present when in 1951 he had already written the Mystical Manifesto, in this picture Jesus Christ appears hovering over the space ahead of a Cross in the fourth dimension, there are no nails, with a woman in front of the cross, whose model would have been Dali’s wife.

Cubists like Pablo Picasso had attempted to paint four-dimensional forms on two-dimensional canvases, the theories of mathematicians Bernhard Riemann and Henri Poincaré that came out of the conventional forms of straight lines and planes, and were their inspirations, but Dali went further in his early descriptions of his painting he called them painting “metaphysical and transcendent cubism”.

But he did not fail to make references to the thirteenth-century architect Juan de Herrera and to the Ars Magna treatise of the 16th-century Catalan philosopher and alchemist Raymond Lull.

Dali will explore theories of theoretical physics until his death in 1989, proving this was the contact maintained for years with the mathematician Thomas Branchoff of Brown University, and despite the initial refusal in 1975, it ended up becoming a long collaboration of almost one of each.

According to Banchoff: “Lull was a Catalan who studied two dimensions, two centuries later, Herrera took it to the third dimension. Here’s Dalí in a straight line, taking it to the fourth dimension, “Banchoff said, adding,” they were not thinking of it as a four-dimensional cube unfolded – it came a century or two later. ”

But the Hypercube or Tesseractus actually had the intention of painting the fourth dimension, and Dali wrote in his Anti-matter Manifesto in 1958: “In the surrealist period I wanted to create the iconography of the inner world and the wonderful world of my father Freud … Today, the outside world and that of physics have transcended the world of psychology. My father today is dr. Heisenberg “referring to the creator of the first concepts of quantum physics”.