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Fight for peace, meekness and justice

02 Oct

The history of mankind is to this day a war story of the Same against the Other, the book The Expulsion of the Other by Byung-Chul Han is nothing more than the realization of this reality. It is our destiny, a fatality, I think not, when peace has been spoken of most, if war is spoken of, peace can be thought of, the Earth as a human homeland.

The challenges are immense, and fears grow with each new authoritarian government, it is good to say there are also islands of the left and right-wing stronghold that are only “elected” people.

I do not think of resistance or opposition, I still think of transformation, the great setback that happens in all humanity, if it were located it would be easy to have only one reading: we can not go forward, the nostalgists say: “how good was those  time” , which ?

To fight for peace must also be for justice and against all sorts of oppression, to magnify simple wisdom and to understand that it takes depth to be simple, a “sophistication” as Leonardo da Vinci said, and to establish a spirit of meekness where it is possible to think.

Not without realizing an excessive dose of authoritarianism is time to ask, what is the exact place of the state in everyday life? its abrupt interference even in the personal life is but a form of authoritarianism? we have cameras and radars every kilometer, it’s not an exaggeration.

Weapons for peace, does not make the slightest sense, more weapons more violence, never the other way around. They remember the biblical beatitudes Mt 5,5: “Blessed are the meek, for they shall possess the earth,” of course what you see today is power in the hand of rabid and authoritarian, but it is not the end.

The following long verse is practically a warning to justice Mt 5: 6: “Blessed are the hungry and righteous, for they shall be filled,” and further Matthew 5: 9: “those who promote peace, because they will be called children of God “, did humanism die? The fact that everyone, or at least a large part of humanity, has a perception that something needs to be done urgently to overcome the “dangers against humanity” challenges us.

There is an urgent need for global governance, not less urgent income distribution programs. The ecological collapse, and in the big metropolis also the urban demand global measures.

I remember the two beatitudes as a stimulus for those struggling for humanity suffer persecution, injustice and slander. Mt 5,11 “Blessed are you when they revile you and persecute you, and when they lie, they shall say all manner of evil against you for my sake,” that is Christianity, the rest wickedness




The state in eternal return

02 Oct

We have already pointed out in several posts the premises and their misconceptions of the idealist view of the state, now in check due to the emergence of authoritarian governments, corruption and almost intermittent cycle crises in many countries.
Let us begin with Hobbes, for whom philosophy had a practical foundation (it is what some say today, astonished), that is to say, it must be useful and thus discard any and all view that may have aspects of metaphysics, and together with it spiritual or theological .
The Hobbesian view is no different from Machiavelli (also invoked today), in the sense of favoring the idea of sovereign, although the centralizing state of this period had the monarchs’ tutelage, essentially does not differ from certain “emperors” today, since the way of dressing (the emperor is naked) to the posture, of a Putin, for example.
The idea of coercive restraint of the state for the “eternal peace” peace-vision of modernity is nothing more than that which Mostesquieu called the “Spirit of the Laws” that is, peace will be eternal with a strong and coercive state; who shout in the streets today (some).
The “paleolithic” passage of this peace that led to two wars for the “neolithic” state of the welfare state should not be new, but it is, because it has not completed its cycle, the sad reality is that it can not even complete because concentration of income only increases.
The sad thing is that the solution is just around the corner, a good political will and a clearer idea that a bloody revolution is not necessary, but to isolate from the state those harmful elements that do not let society breathe, I am not only talking about economic ones ( which include corruption), but mainly of the concept of “coercive” state in fashion.
We return to the previous cycle, even to the “Wealth of Nations” that Adam Smith spoke of and Marx read, but this is economically unfeasible in a world with a globalized economy. Let us return to coercion, which inspires so many authoritarian voices (even to the left), without the joint solution of the economic problem it suffers a growing scale of violence without a return, and worse, it arms more and more enslaving forces of the “manpower” available in the informality.
What makes a conscious part of society, enters the wave of violence not only verbal, but physical and moral violence that interests the authoritarian groups that long for power, to return to the old modern state of “coercion” and “eternal peace.” In the Brazilian case it is critical, it has entered in this way and already seems without return, I hope not.