Arquivo para October 4th, 2018

Misery of Thought

04 Oct

The inability of a deeper reading of reality, which sustains and advances to proposals the darkness night that passes not only thought, but together with it the whole of society, has no possible answer and the resulting it is a more “tragic and comic” and “eternal return ” .
Ah how good was that time … the majority of the silent population suffered without complaining, the networks that gave voices (not always positive is true) to society as a whole now no longer want to hear more empty criticisms of postmodernity, liquidity than ever was solid, or to a technicist triumphalism to Frederic Jamenson, who is a Marxist, it is good to say.
The sterile critique of consumerism and individualism was not able to penetrate into the essence of the great social, moral, and spiritual problems of our time, as Heidegger would say, the emptying of being, is nothing but the nihilistic void that Nietzsche had already pointed out in the nineteenth century.
In the Brazilian case it is even poorer, we are between inflamed speeches about sexual issues, cheap accusations and fake news, promoted by the media without any thought, and also by the lack of a deeper debate of social, urban and global problems.
The result will be disastrous no matter what, and the main function of democracy that is education for citizenship has been lost between stabs and bursts of authoritarianism, bursts of inflamed speeches about accusations about who stole more, we can not cook stone and wait for a soup , an allusion to a famous stone soup that exists in Portugal.
I have not been able to convince conscious friends and even religious people that the scale of violence would lead to an inevitable disaster, the choice of candidates who are experts in this line, and I hope to be wrong, but the consequences will be terrible for the country.
Although there is an authoritarian emergency of government on the planet, in the Brazilian case the debate did not go to the line of proposals and concrete government actions, and we can not expect that in 2 days this will reverse, we now dream of a second round, it is like twisting to a draw when the team could win a thrashing.
What was the strategic mistake, from the outset, to fall into the violent provocation of the violent, poor democracy and poor country that does not look at poor people except in the elections