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What happened to the impossible?

12 Oct

Perhaps it is what we can expect when we are in a situation where there is nowhere to run, there must be an exit, we resort to physics and philosophy, perhaps theology or some form of mystery accessible to the human being.
A reasoning that we must do in these cases is very simple, if we go by the path that is already known we will have the same answer, but the new one is not necessarily a change of route, it may be, is what we think of Brazilian elections, an eternal return to same.
The new in this case is a new relationship between the political class and society, between rich and poor, and especially outside the dogmatism of every stream of thought, difficult very difficult, resentments are serious and offenses are serious, mutually serious .
I turn to a biblical passage, that of the rich young man who, when he approaches Jesus, says that he would like to gain eternal life and Jesus answers Mk 10, 19-20: “Thou knowest the commandments: thou shalt not kill (sic), thou shalt not commit adultery (opa), you shall not steal (corruption not), you shall not bear false witness (fake news), you shall not harm anyone (blacks, Indians, lgbts), honor your father and your mother. ” young man replies “Master all this I have observed since my youth”, but in proposing that he donate his goods, he goes away.
Hope does not end, exegetes and fundamentalists ignore the following passage, in which even the apostles are frightened imagining themselves rich, and as are the politicians of today, but Jesus adds: Mk 10: 27: “For men this is impossible , but not to God. For God all things are possible. ”
There we now understand, it is all there, not yet not, for both the rich young man and the apostles have a “call” to a change of route, and the final stretch is most important Mk 10: 29-30 ” I say, whoever has left home, brothers, sisters, mother, father, children, fields, because of me and the Gospel, will receive a hundred times more now during this life – house, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields, with persecutions – and, in the world to come, eternal life.”
They can win the world, they can win the elections, but at peace with God and with conscience is something else