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Economy, justice and morality

08 Jan

What economy will govern Brazil in its new government here? it is naive to think that there is no basis for what is beginning and Paulo Roberto Nunes Guedes, the new Brazilian Minister of Economy called together with Sergio Moro of superministers, is a doctor from the University of Chicago (USA) and therefore knows well the called Chicago School.
The economy, justice and morality It is necessary to speak in this order, because where there is no healthy and participative economy, are rare examples in the contemporary world,
They are founders of this school George Stigler and Milton Friedman, and both were already awarded with the Nobel Prize of Economy, this policy was known in Brazil by its influence in the military period, through its liberal vision, strictly in favor of a laissez-faire almost total.
It can be said then that it is a neoclassical school, it rejects the Keynesianism of state intervention, then the change is floating and the currency must follow the “invisible hand” of the market, that is, the floating exchange with little state intervention, until the moment seems to work.
However this school was conceived in the postwar boom in 1950 and in crisis does not seem to work so well, the state needs to control the markets and strictly speaking it always happens. From here we went to court, where the idea of stifling international drug groups, of corruption through financial tightening seems to have already failed in the first week of government, curiously by the Ceará petition (oposition government), the question of corruption Marun’s appointment to Itaipu has generated until distrust within the government, the omnipresent spokesman Onyx Lorenzoni and the senator who is the president’s son involved in schemes with Flávio Queiroz.
As we discuss the issue of blue for boys and pink for girls, matters that are really relevant are buried even by people who imagine themselves conscious, the press was one that embarked on this lamentable debate.
The indexes of feminicide, violence against homosexuals with new cases and other minorities that are not only moral but of crime, therefore it is moralism to see on the side of “colors!”, because morality means respect for each person and to their rights. But as we discuss this, the Queiroz issue and key economic issues pass inside.