Arquivo para February 1st, 2019

Hermeneutics and Confidence

01 Feb

The fact that the idea of preconceptions and especially of religious, cultural, and mainly scientific preconceptions seems to be inappropriate, is that hermeneutics treats as understanding (verstehen) is that even in familiar and closed circles they are present.

Although for her teaching practice, hermeneutics are placed outside closed environments, or in the bubbles of Peter Sloterdijk (Spheres I), these circles also explode in conflicts and intolerances, but due not to scientific and methodological aspects, but to the issue of trust , there is no one with strict treatment for this case, but there is the phenomenon.

Published in addition to 2000 to 2004, the trilogy of Sloterdijk: Bubbles, Globes and Foams, already with translation in Spanish and English, has in Portuguese only the first volume (Brazilian edition), that left in 2017, made by the translator José Oscar de Almeida Marques.

The concept analyzed this week being there, a central Heideggerian concept in the trilogy and evoking the presence in the world as a necessary condition for existence, can be transformed into Sloterdijk’s reading in being together, it is our opinion that this coexistence preceding existence allows an approach (not made by the author) of the issue of trust.

Confidence exists in its own circles through sharing of life, coexistence and conviviality, so it is precisely through the deterioration of these two aspects that confidence falls and even in hostile surroundings is established.

The fashion is to blame the new media, but this is so old that already in the Bible is the idea that “a prophet is only accepted in his land” (Mark 6: 1-6), that is, the problem of trust is more serious in closed circles than in open circles, so hermeneutics seems reasonable in proposing the epistemic opening of truth, but this can be problematic for the confidence of the closest.

The philosophical question is when a truth in “closed” circles may be true, our response is the inner confidence of their fellow-dwellers (can not mean closure) and openness to the outside world in biblical reading is curious to note that soon thereafter the apostles are sent “two in two” in Mark 6: 7 it is written, “Calling the Twelve unto him, he sent them two by two and gave them authority over unclean spirits,” beware the interpretation of un-clean can be seen as other “visions of the words”, near to un-worlds or other-worlds.