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The mystery and the spiritual

06 Feb

Both physics and mathematics have already surpassed not only the ideal dimensions: the point, the line, the plane, and the cube, by introducing the fractional dimensions which belong to the fractals immersed in the Hausdorff space, but also by the adoption of the fourth dimension.
The pioneering work was done by Charles H. Hinton (post) in A New Era of Thought (1888), previous to the quantum dimension of Werner Heisenberg and the discovery of the Worm Holes in which already imagine intergalactic trips like see in the fictional film Interstellar (2014),  and the film Contact (1997, of the book of Carl Sagan).
Hinton after having a dialogue with Kantian idealism will say about the human sensorial nature: “in the instinctive and sensorial perception of man and nature, everything is hidden, what reflection then brings to consciousness. We can be conscious a little higher than each individual man when we look at men. In some, this consciousness reaches an extreme point, and becomes a religious apprehension. “, That is, it admitted the spiritual aspect (post). 
It is in this dimension above the individual that Teilhard Chardin worked his noosphere, there may be a greater awareness when people work together, that is, obvious on the human plane, but not so obvious on the spiritual plane, it does not mean just being in agreement, but admitting a spiritual sphere, a noon (spirit) sphere, the noosphere.
As it is possible to penetrate this dimension, to make men work spiritually together, this is above prayer or spiritual meditation, in which one rises individually and even today for medical treatment is commendable, but a collective spiritual action.
The interesting thing is to note that both Chardin, who thought of a kind of cosmic consciousness, which was worth a departure from Catholic dogmas (he was a priest), but also the mathematician Charles Hinton seems to be moving towards the fourth dimension, Salvador Dali also spoke of this in his Mystic Manifesto (1951) and in conversations with the mathematician Thomas Banchoff.
Like Hinton’s philosophical discourse, Chardin’s philosophical anthropology in one of his seminal works “The Human Phenomenon” seems to address aspects of the same theme, a spirituality that leads to a larger collective consciousness and to feel the Universe as a body and as part of the Noosphere, approaching that which is substantial from that which is spiritual.
The reason that both Chardin and Hinton were discarded in their time is that they sought to penetrate a mystery, which Einstein also penetrated with physicist Rosen, wormholes are also called Einstein-Rosen Bridge (figure), being consistent with the theory of relativity.
What is beyond the physical, or the metaphysical is not always contradictory to it, but may be the solution to some of the mysteries of nature, 90% of the universe is mass or dark energy, little known, and recent discoveries are huge, see the Higgs particle (incorrectly called God) and black holes with several new discoveries.