Arquivo para February 7th, 2019

Spirituality, faith and reason

07 Feb

The absence of a consistent spirituality that brings the human soul to greater peace and harmony does not mean and should not mean an ignorance of contemporary problems of justice, truth and also of faith.
As life is shrouded in mystery, we can not say that we are rationally in perfect consciousness of our life, of social life and of the life of the planet, in fact, we have never lacked this consciousness so much.
Thus we have never spoken so much of the appeal to faith, or to psychologism and structures of asceticism, spirituality, “a life of exercises,” says Peter Sloterdijk, but in general it adds little to the human discomfort of human life today, what is actually occurring ?
We have said and repeated in a speech sometimes a little distant for those who know little the structure of modern thought, or who think that everything happens from 20 or years to now, when the foundations of Western thought are somewhat in the beginning of modernity, with some things of the Renaissance that in turn refers to the classical philosophy of Greece.
But also faith is basically a structure of thought, sometimes thinking little and this leads to some manipulation and fundamentalism on the part of others, something like: Jesus loves you, only God is enought, etc.
God enlightens us or some appeal of the genre , see if this really solves the problems of who makes these appeals, usually not.
Thus we need to think about modernity, not just the technological advances that in our view are generally beneficial, but their use as can be the use of various objects in the sense of episteme (the systematization of knowledge or thought) it is an object, even an abstract object.
Two papal encyclicals spoke of the relation between faith and reason (not Cartesian reason, but reasoning), reportedly between Fides et Ratio of John Paul II and indirectly the encyclical Spe Salvi of Benedict XVI in which he quotes Plato, Luther, Kant, Bacon, Dostoevsky, Engels and Marx, read there.
It is understood in Fides et Ratio, article 56: “It is understood that, in a world divided in so many fields of specialization, it becomes difficult to recognize that total and ultimate meaning of life that philosophy traditionally sought”, pointing to a crisis in reason.
When we are walking in the dark, in low light we need to have faith, but reason helps us where we stand, walk in safer steps and feel the environment.