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Navigate deeper waters

08 Feb

Is a well-known expression in the Portuguese language “navigating is necessary”, but here the connotation of navigating deep waters refers to knowledge and spirituality.I think it should lead students to curiosity, interest in culture or human growth is stagnant, now in Web browsers too.
Navigating is necessary, said Portuguese navigators, but the phrase is more ancient, it was the Roman general Pompey, who encouraged fearful sailors with the phrase: “Navigare necesse, vivere non est necesse”, Petrarca in the fourteenth century who transformed in sailing is necessary, living is not necessary.
Fernando Pessoa, to whom some credit the phrase, actually said: “I want the spirit of this phrase for me”, and now we are in time to surf the Web (the internet is only the basis of this platform), but also to look at the confines of the universe and dream of journeys in the earthworm holes, which Einstein-Rosen predicted and astrophysics discovered.
This also means going to deeper seas, in the metaphorical sense, in knowledge, in the arts and in culture, the only consistent weapon against ignorance that passes militancy, not post-truth, I would say is a post-clearing, a phase of obscurantism.
Also in the spiritual sense, the biblical reading, for example, in the gospel of Luke, when sinners already washed their nets and were discouraged from fishing, Jesus encouraged them: Lk 5:4: “Go forth into deeper waters, and cast your nets to the fishing,” Pedro believes and does.
The correct reaction in times of retreats and apparent stagnation
The best attitude is not to stand still, this can lead to laziness and complacency, is to believe and to go forward, in this case a little faith is necessary.
True spirituality goes against the current of pessimism which is not only disbelief in God, but also in humanity.

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