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The Reenchantment of the World and Being

14 Feb

In modernity man has tried to overcome his sense of existence by projecting himself on a subjectivist rationality, to transcend has become to apprehend and to understand the object by the cognoscent subject, that is capable of knowing “everything”, the “sapere audi” of Kant.
Modern design dislodged the being, and disenchanted the world, making poetry or music seems too romantic, although the aesthetic design of modernity is exactly this, but the modern romantic is idealistic, the impossible, separated from the world in false objectivity.
There is talk of having, the utilitarian current that sees the world and also being according to the value of use, Marx also recalls the value of exchange, but the enchantment lies outside these two values, it is a non-value in the sense of money, but it is “as useful as the useful!” says Victor Hugo on the Art, claiming a value beyond the conventional, it would be said lacking poetry and beauty.
The French sociologist Michel Maffesoli is a scholar of the subject and also of “urban tribes”, and his first clarification on the enchantment is that “it is not the future that matters, but the present” (Frontiers of Thinking), calls it present-ism, already the chains so much idealists in general are always projected in the future, and do little in a concrete world.
When seeing and studying the urban tribes, he sees in them an emotional dimension, but on the positive side, he sees that it is possible to observe in the movements of the outraged people of Madrid as others of contestation, this emotional dimension, which may be dangerous is true, but is part of To be.
Another speaker on the subject is the Mozambican writer Mia Couto, known around the world, who talks about the importance of “not pruning the enchantment, the capacity for fascination, of ecstasy in the face of small things.
Being in Portugal produced in me a re-enchantment, fado, food, coexistence and also small things, a greater personal respect, greeting him by name, the most rhythmic rhythm of life, architecture, history, poetry and finally life