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Disenchantment and hope

15 Feb

Not only a conservatism that returns in the US, Brazil, now in Europe as well, but also na impotence of change expressed in outdated speeches, without any appeal although there are fanatics, as in Venezuela or even in Russia, everything seems stagnant.
There is little hope for those who are hungry, who live in inequality or social intolerance, it is also the cry of minorities, it is worth remembering that no dictatorship gives them rights, where can come hopes and paths?
Mia Couto: “The greatest misfortune of a poor nation is that instead of producing wealth, it produces riches,” he and the French sociologist Michel Maffesoli speak and insist on re-enchantment, it is possible amid setbacks looking to the future.
Both talk about looking at what is already young again, it is disenchantment to perceive only the negative, we repeat what we did not accept in our parents: not accept the new of the young.
I remember the long hair, the faded pants, the “loud music” at the beginning of the Rolling Stones, then Black Sabbath when I was young I watched the movie The Last Waltz (picture) I thought: will I start to grow old.
The film included Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan, Ronnie Wood, Muddy Waters, Neil Young, Neil Diamond, Van Morrison,
Bobby Charles, Dr. John, Paul Butterfield, and others, spoke of a Canadian band, which ended in a good, no-nonsense and
no-scandal, made this last concert, in a film directed by Martin Scorcese (1978), but I was still very young, what then?
It began a disenchantment, yes, he saw that the thought he thought revolutionary was not so much, and that the changes he anticipated would not happen, in the middle of 90 begins Grasnost (transparency in Russian) and then the Perestroika, the world of fact has changed.
But there is still the concentration of income, violence against nature and a society more and more tiredness, will there be in re-enchantment?
We must have hope, says the Bible reading (Luke 6:21): “Blessed are you who are hungry now, because you will be satisfied! Blessed are you who now weep, for you shall laugh! “. 

There will be a restructuration and the forces of change will reappear, is possible a pacific changing of world.