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Physicists prove: reality is not objective

19 Mar

What was a hypothesis is a fact demonstrated by experience, which in itself is already contradictory since something contradictory may be true, yet the experience at Scotland’s Heriot-Watt University has shown that two people can see the same reality of different forms and both are right, the article is published.

From the appearance of the observer the great hypothesis of contemporary science that reality is independent of the observer has fallen, the suggestive name of the article is exactly this: “Experimental rejection of the observer’s independence in the quantum world”, its authors are: Massimiliano Proietti, Alexandre Pickston, Francesco Graffitti, Pedro Barrow, Dmytro Kundys, Cirilo Branciard, Martin Ringbauer, Alessandro Fedrizzi, and is published in the archivX of Cornell University.

The experiment involved two people who observe the same photon, the smallest unit of light that can act as a particle or wave under different conditions, this being the novelty, which both observing on the same condition observe distinct realities, then it can be said that there is a superposition of reality, that is, both are both true.

While one scientist analyzes the photon and determines its alignment, the other without knowing its measurement, checks whether there is a quantum superposition or not, while one experiences reality as a particle and the other as wave, and both are technically correct.

The so-called 6-photon experiment, which is the simplest for experiments, verifies the so-called Bell inequality (which Einstein used to try to contradict the quantum phenomenon), and this measure can be verified experimentally by 5 measures of deviation standard (statistics) associated with it, is a bit complicated, but the result is this for those who know the phenomenon.