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Mathematics woman wins Abel award

21 Mar

Niels Henrik Abel was born on August 5, 1802 in Finnoy, Norway, and died on April 16, 1829 in Froland, when he went to visit the bride on a sleigh, and died days later in 1829, his main work Recherches sur les fonctions elliptiques was published in 1827 in the first volume of Crelle’s Diary, a mathematics-only diary.
The Abel Prize was established in Norway in 2002, and now for the first time a woman wins the award, the American Karen Keskulla Uhlenbeck, who according to the Norwegian Academy of Literature and Sciences held “pioneering achievements in differential equations in Gauge Theory and integrable systems; and for the fundamental impact of his work on analysis, geometry, and mathematical physics.”
The Gauge Theories, or Caliber´s Theories, formalize a class of physical theories based on the idea that the symmetry transformations, which can be either local or global. These ideas apply not only to field theories, but to so-called finite-dimensional systems, as are those modeled by ordinary differential equations.
It is an important model in the generalization of the General Relativity Theory and curious that arises at the same time from the proof of the non-objectivity of science (see the post), although there is no immediate relationship, the fact that local results are not objective is interesting for a mathematical theory shows that they are both important, how would the composition of the two results be?
The Nature magazine on March 19 dedicated a special note to Karen.
This vídeo of the Spring River shows the Gauge Theory: