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Has the fig tree dried up?

22 Mar

The fig tree is a curious tree because it seems dry but it is not, it is its cycle, it goes from an almost dead appearance to a blooming and the production of fruits in its natural cycle of one year.

She is a good example for periods of crisis, apocalyptic and mainly pessimistic, but life goes on and she gives leaves, flowers and fruits.
I like the idea of flowering precisely because it is the middle of the path between leaves and fruits, is almost spring in Europe, while in Brazil the summer is ending.

When the fig tree dries the idea is to prune it, the Biblical metaphor is not always well read, it speaks of a winemaker (who produces grapes therefore), that when seeing the fig tree dry in the time of the fruits thinks about cutting it, but the employee says “‘Lord, leave the fig tree still this year. I’ll dig around it and put fertilizer. It may come to bear fruit. If it does not, then you will cut it, ‘” it is in Luke 13: 8.

Even in the religious interpretation, there is no shortage of those who see this fact in a Manichean and fundamentalist way, but if they read the passage, everything also speaks of the Tower of Siloam that fell on the workers, to say that it was a fatality, they were not being punished, nor was it the divine desire that this should happen.

It’s right up in the passage from Luke 13: 4, read carefully: “Do you think that they were more guilty than all the other inhabitants of Jerusalem? I tell you no.But if you do not convert, you will all die the same way.”.
That is, these things happen to change our life, our way of thinking and our vision. It is a dry fig tree moment in humanity, at the end of the summer in Brazil and at the end of winter in Europe, we must think with openness and greatness the future of humanity, yes the dried fig tree looks like it will not bear fruit, but the leaves will come and the flowers too, then finally the fruits will come, will fertilize the fig tree with a new and positive vision.
Using the fig tree, Tom Brimmer demonstrates that without faith, you’ll never bear fruit.