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Ascesis and the community

31 May

Some assumptions of the community to become a co-immunity are related where the idea of judgment, understanding of the distinction (seen differently, see post), have to be some form of self-immunization like ascesis.
The lack of effectiveness of advanced forms of co-immunity is due to the fact that many communities are based on the principle of judgment, or even combating difference, do not clearly understand the distinction, be it cultural, religious, or otherwise.
Thus, we can look like a community, but we must understand that an important effect is the respect for the life-giving action and open to all who are “outside” to avoid dogmatism and exclusion.
The return to nationalist concepts and cultural prejudices are nothing more than a form of asceticism of a nation-community that does not understand open co-immunity and respects distinction.
The ascesis in various religions always depends on these two actions: one of self-immunity or individual ascesis, and another a co-immunity or social ascesis for which one can place the aptitudes and talents at the disposal of society in general and of others.
It is possible to verify these two vectors in diverse groups, religions and cultures, but it is necessary to verify that there are forms of control and “judgment” in group that end up to collide the individual ascesis with the collective, and the opposite is not always true, one can have an individual ascesis that even acting little in the collective sense serves as an orientation to the others of the group to avoid self-centered and non-dialogical communities.
Seeing if this is compatible with Christian religiosity and a correct view of the Holy Spirit, I have seen not only that it is correlate but that it can serve as inspiration for a true spiritual asceticism for those who are Christians.
Also at the ascension of Jesus, an eternal and visible ascension to the apostles, He makes an affirmation in this sense Lk 24,46: “I will send upon you the one my Father has promised. Therefore stay in the city until you are clothed with the power from on high, “that is, from the Spirit.