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Cultural misery or ignorance

24 Jun

It is not a current phenomenon, although its visibility has increased with the new media, I remember the files (handouts), the manuals of this or that author that the measure that it saw via it is a vulgarity, or a good part of the pseudo -phylosophies in online videos today, but the background to it all is much worse.
Theodore Darlymple, a pseudonym of an English psychiatrist who worked in prisons with high-risk prisoners, identified human misery as the worst face of the culture, wisdom, and reason we live in, identifying three clear axes: the conveniences of corruption of the whole world, not only Brazil), sex and more sex and the death of childhood.
It is rare to find anyone innocent today, even a child, sexual trivialization did not lead to pleasure or good human conviviality, led to more violence, and Byung Chul-Han’s book goes further wrote in The Agony of Eros, wrote that already there is no love, only narcissism.
There is no doubt that there are social and economic reasons that link these facts, but what jumps the eye is that any hasty or similarly new thought appears as a great exercise of “creativity” and with a little examination it is easily seen that it is ignorance.
So themes that are no more than practical rules to live, appear as magical formulas, make campaigns and appear as miraculous source of youth, ease of enrichment or easy joy, see drugs and drinks, in short, ignorance and obscurity.
Religious or ideological pragmatism emerges as this formula, but they are not enough, corruption and illicit enrichment is also there and are themes throughout the world and hide the real interests behind beautiful words and attitudes, if not investigated in depth or nothing is perceived in real life.
There is a forgetting of being, the true religion, since religion is also subject to all kinds of ignorance, even justifying or defending it, see the irony with all manner of education, true religion and true morality.
Heidegger claimed the quest for the “clearing,” there is no doubt we live in obscure times.