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The essential, the useful and the happiness

29 Jul

The times of a life in nature, when food was produced by medieval farmers, when many consumer products were handcrafted, had a look at nature, at the possibility of having a life in the essentials is first of all these days, it is the ability to forgo many things, make the list of the essentials and live well each day, and solve the problems without accumulating them and without procrastinating them.
The list of usefulness should not lead us to utilitarianism, easy formulas of happiness bring many people distress over time, frustration over unearned goods, unreached social positions, and if we have the essentials list, they are not needed.
What is useful then should be: healthy food, comfortable clothes and shoes, reading the news of the day without intoxication, there is a lot of toxic reading and social media “media” is not exclusive, newspapers and TV there is little culture and good news, remain calm even when it is not possible and acquire goods honestly, while taking care of those other than the essentials.
Happiness has no magic formulas as some ill-worked philosophies, or poorly deepened spiritualities suggest, and is certainly not indulging in consumption and futility.
Art, music, poetry and painting are necessary, as Victor Hugo said: “art is as useful as it is useful”, and perhaps even more in the days of agitation, stress and tiredness of a society that gives little respite and tranquility.
There are likely to be people who are happy with the accumulated goods, but they will one day run out and maturity will reflect on what love, utility, and peace are in a world without peace.
The meditation of the French Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, while focusing inwardly, contains some good Western reflections and at least made me laugh and cheer: