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Closing, pride and fall

30 Aug

Closed groups oppose criticism, call for dialogue and openness, but they are just what they are not allowed, making long speeches, are persuasive without opening up to what is distinct, ignoring the possibilities of mistakes and flatterers who do not use their support.
This is the mistake of the proud, failing to observe how the failures, and failing to realize or what leads to occur, even well-meaning groups and people, but with severe damage to a feeling of superiority, than in the last occurrences after the interruption. of pride, already stated in the previous post that can be positive, for the vanity that leads to the fall.
Great weapons are not enemies, which they are not always, for they can be people who warn of failures and serious defects, such as large corporations, groups with large applications and interests, and get lost in vices and defects that lead to serious falls.
There is no way to break or close allies and applause, unless there are warnings of misconceptions and that in general there are, there is always someone or some well-meaningly disabled voice showing who are the same values and great values.
Good proposals and good intentions are not lacking, but those who led the war, mistreatment, and the Forces alien to the common welfare of power generally went to the fragility of welfare, for those who have few resources to care for and many have for themselves.
To discard, it seems that all is well, but the price of freedom is an eternity, says popular wisdom, direction of goodness as well.
In biblical terms, there is a passage in which Jesus observes and arrives at a place where guests hosting guests are all sitting in privileged places, and tells them a parable of a wedding party, which explains that it may be ashamed if the owner of the come home and ask to sit further back giving a place for a more illustrated guest.
He says that by having a party he can be excluded because he receives nothing in return, “when a party invites the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind” (Luke 14:13), they have nothing to do with repaying. therefore they will always be the same.
Van Gogh’s picture of potato eaters reminds the poor of their time, the characters seem to have a deformed human condition.


Pride and vanity

29 Aug

The word pride (orgulho in Portuguese) originates from Catalan orgull, perhaps few know it, but if we look at its synonyms we can see that it can mean positively: pride, dignity, and in the negative sense: superb and pundonor (doesn’t exist in English, it would be something like a hint of honor), depends on context haughtiness can be positive or negative, finally the word depends on the context.
Pundonor instead of Castilian, punt d´honor, meaning a certain rigor or modesty, also decorum, perhaps all this has fallen into disuse, and it strikes me that excess literature, philosophy treats it little and its connection with vanity is not correct . It may be said that Sloterdijk’s era of cynical reason is not only right for big themes, but for these smaller, smaller ones because they have become cynicism perhaps not in literature but in thought, to the point of making the negative expression of “sins”.
Now becoming even greater pleasures, including theft and lies, is not the time for fake News, but a long way from the absence of a clearing where themes like these can be clarified.
Pride driven to exaggeration is an exaggerated concept of itself, which brings it to a point of contact with vanity, but vanity beyond cynicism has become the pride of media philosophy, not just memes and fake ones.
News, but the in-fact views of the media. Reversing the true meaning of things serves the arrogant and proud of skepticism that responds little or nothing to a reality of obscurantism and unclearness.
The vanity of a king can be exemplified in a tale, where close observation clarifies it, although Hans Christian Andersen’s Tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes can also be used in reverse, but the popular saying “the king is naked ”clarifies what it is, we have already posted that the“ state is naked ”and now we could say“ the statesmen are naked ”:


Pride, prejudice and vanity

28 Aug

I had to go to the Web to find some references from Pride and Prejudice, a book of my youth, written by Jane Austen that references have sold 2.3 million copies, and published in 1813, Austen would have written the 21 years old, in 1797, this is important because the nineteenth century begins with the impacts of the industrial revolution and severe social crises, while the previous one still hovered over a certain “romanticism”.
The problems related to education, culture, and morals of that turn of the century in the conservative aristocratic society are problematized in the book in an interesting and somewhat peculiar way in addressing the prejudice theme.
The novel tells of an aristocratic but decaying Bennet family who lives on a farm on a farm called Netherfield, where a young aristocrat Mr. Bingley rents a morally going estate near the Bennet, which has four married girls, and he takes Caroline Bingley and Louisa Hurst her sisters, her brother-in-law Mr. Hurst, and a friend Mr. Darcy, who will be a protagonist with flirting and flirting with Elizabeth Bennet, the peculiarity being the prejudices between her and Mr. Darcy, whom she eventually marries.
Class problems apart, they are all decadent or not aristocrats, the bottom line is between provincialism and a broader social view, the novel’s peculiarity, and the nuances between vanity, prejudice, and pride, which can be clearly differentiated.
These are not different definitions, but social positions where vanity, the theme of a glance is present in virtually every character, and shows how complex the social relationship is thanks to it, pride where undercover interests can make it a superb detriment of relationships, and finally prejudice where differences (or distinctions) affect people’s lives, relationships and create tensions that are slowly becoming unreasonable.
It still has the romanticism of the time, the frivolity of the English aristocracy, but the fact that until now the novel is still successful is because it can touch on topics little understood and about which little elaboration exists.
A mini-series was made in the 1950s for TV, in 2004 a movie was made under the direction of Joe Wrigth, while writer Helen Fielding calls Mark Darcy her “ideal man” in reference to Mr. Darcy’s novel, shows the importance of Jane Austen’s book.
The movie is available on the telecine and the thriller below can give you an idea of the movie


Economy, common good and governance

27 Aug

Theories of value (or values, perhaps more accurately) have always been linked to the economic, the expression is strange to the Brazilian, but in Portugal if used in daily life “is more value”, meaning an increase of value,
This is different from the Marxist sense of value added to the profit-making product, which means extracting profit by giving the final value of a produced commodity the sum of the means of production plus the value of labor from which part of the profit is taken.
But a set of social and moral values can have a meaning much more linked to conscience than to the value paid or even considered by a sum of the product, plus the value of human labor and the means used for its production, there is a set of values that add to the “common good”, the “commons” as Elinor Ostrom, Nobel Prize winner in Economics called it.
This is important because it involves the current controversy over the Amazon, which Dr. Ostrom criticized was the fact that there is growing concern, she has already passed away 2012, was that there was a false impression that here it was a “commons governance” as the case of natural resources could not be governed as a “common good” because it would be a failure.
She criticized the foundations of the political analysis of what was called, there was a written text about it, like “Tragedy of the commons”, ie what is governed by all is always unsuccessful because it is nobody’s, so no value some.
The governance of natural resources used by many individuals in common is a matter of social nature and cannot be treated as a private or even public good in the sense of state control, she gathered a body of empirical data to demonstrate her thesis.
Unfortunately the excessive politicization of the Amazon issue, the vested interests that are not to see these natural resources as commons, has made the issue even more difficult.
Elinor, the first Nobel laureate in economics, has not been read or understood, and the “tragedy of commons” still reign in official speeches, as the economic interest behind discourses of all shades does not allow for a serene discussion of the issue.
What is certain is that water, air and nature itself cannot and should not be thought of with all that is available for the advancement of the economy, for it is a common good of humanity.
It would be good for a serene rereading of Elinor Ostrom, the governance of commons is important.
The following video explains in a simple way what commons are:


Pride, valor and nationalist populism

26 Aug

In the midst of international crises, such as problems ranging from ecological to corruption, we fight a dragon and appear 3, and there is no shortage of apocalyptics. drank, among them: Karl Marx, in fact, Adam Smith did not just write about the subject of economics, for which he is always remembered, he wrote about virtue, success, fortune, happiness, and even morality.
One of the interesting things he writes is about pride, for which he formulates two different patterns, a first one that he says is “the idea of exact convenience and perfection, as each of us can understand this idea.”.
That is, a distinctive ability to understand, but for someone who is really wise.
It says of this pattern: “imitating, however, the work of a divine artist, which can never be matched”, conscious of its weaknesses, one feels embarrassed when “for lack of attention, discernment and moderation, violated in words and actions, conduct and conversation, the exact rules of perfect convenience… “is in his work Theory of Moral Feelings.
The second pattern, which is the pride of the ignorant, is the lack of self-evaluation (in the Aristotelian sense, or if you want the most mundane sense): “it is that degree of approximation with this idea which is usually obtained from the world, which most our friends and mates, rivals and competitors, may have really hit, ”and so have we, of course.
It has a lot to do with contemporary populism, because it is grounded in ideas, beliefs, and beliefs that, while not true, await their leaders, but the frustrations that follow as soon as they are put into practice verify their lack of “theory.” and a deeper thought.
They are based on maxims that are generally popularly accepted, this situation has “no way out”, “violence is really needed”, “all politicians are corrupt”, “they are poor because they do not work” and there are no jobs and other popular dictates.
Nationalism of Wealth of Nations had historical justification, it is a step in the building of the wealth of countries that was necessary, but as soon as international trade prospered it became unrealizable, but international conflicts not due to trade but to protective barriers are reborn. , containment of markets in a few countries, and over-protectionist regulation.
Allied to national economic crises they seem to be a way out, but they are not, because without international regulation with egalitarian and fair criteria, there is no price control. Adam Smith argued that the use value and the exchange value were not directly related, but essentially both he and David Ricardo, who Marx also studied, said that the process of producing goods can be thought of with a series of human efforts. the Austrian School of Economics, especially with Carl Menger (1940-1921) who made this point clearer.


Pass to through the narrow door

23 Aug

The time of liberality, the time at all seems easy and then complicated, the door of wisdom is great and ignorance is great, “the client wants ease,” but then.
Everyone who knows, likes the poetry Portuguese Sea of the Fernando Pessoa, so let’s see: “Was it worth it? Everything is worth it Who wants to go beyond the Bojador It has to go beyond the pain ”.
The Bojador was a cape off the coast of Africa where many ships sank, many sailors stopped a voyage to the Indian Ocean, one soul is not small beyond pain.
The easy movement of idealism, the little reflection in favor of impulsiveness, the adherence to the new populism, and a broader crisis the cultural feature of our time, and the navigation in our deepest systems, but the internet browsing, the web browsing.
Web without compasses helps, but is not a determinant, a determinant is ignorance.
To get an email-like paradise, Edgar Morin, and many people who see the planet as a cohabitation, or a co-immunity like Peter Sloterdijk, also watching the psychopower that time, the information bombing, that comes from long before the time when Karl Kraus (1874-1936) claimed the newspaper that propelled a Europe into a Crisis, at the same time as the science europeans crisis.
It said Karl Kraus in This Great Time that you can go to speak of the tired of War is stupid : ”so the fatigue of war is actually a state of which there has to be no salvation. Tired of war must always be, not after, but before the war has begun. War fatigue must not cause war to be ended, but no war. ”

The door of wisdom is the same and ignorance is wide, “the customer wants facilities,” but then. Everyone who knows, likes the poetry Portuguese Sea Fernando Pessoa, let’s do what is most important, the best way to choose freedom, democracy and freedom of choice. It is !!!, to help humanity to go to a homeland of all, a diversity and tolerance.

A biblical worldview has a beautiful expression for this Luke 13:34: “Do your best to enter the narrow door. Because most theologians and exegetes see only the rights and possibilities of a minority, then one is left with a self-applied humanity. Before it’s too late, before we say, “We’re tired of the war,” we let it go.


Idealism and the wide door of misconceptions

22 Aug

At the same time discovered as quantum physics, holography, and a new worldview of the universe emerge, there are those who believe that the earth is flat and that we were never the moon. These are too many specific problems to be dealt with, but philosophy in general contemporary rather than neoliberal, this is its pragmatic economic aspect.
It is idealistic and even philosopher-youtubers who discourse on philosophy follow it. Kant is complex, but his central point is the dichotomy between subject and object, as they cannot be separated, at least in terms of theory of knowledge, he created the analytical and synthetic judgments.
The analytic judgment is that the predicate is within the subject, and so it specifies its logic, and this logic comes from a physical-mathematical view of knowledge in modernity. It exemplifies using geometric figures such as the triangle and the square, of course it has four sides, but this is not a deduction but a tautological, circular definitions.
The synthetic judgment, on the other hand, cannot be contained in the subject, so it adds reasoning as something completely new, that is, the novelty is the predicate.
It is very simplified, but essentially develops a logic where Being and Entity are confusing and dismantles the possibility of an ontology, even if it is partial, and imagined with this throwing away all the “superstitions”, the famous “Sapere audi”, dare to know.
As reason alone was not enough, it was necessary to introduce the idea of empiricism, which came from David Hume’s arguments (1711-1776, so judgments may a priori, which already exist in the subject, and a posteriori, experimentally acquired.
Schlick (1882-1936), who founded the Vienna Circle neologicist school, criticized the idealistic basis of a priori knowledge, claiming that since statements have a logical truth, they are neither analytical nor synthetic as they are. Kant argued because it was paradoxical; and that if the truth depends on the factual content, the statements are therefore a posteriori and not a priori, since the facts must happen, Schlick was assassinated by Nazism.
In the circle of Vienna were present Kurt Godel, Karl Popper, Hans Kelsen and others.
The same proposition can be known by cognitive agents both a priori and a posteriori, using the same example as Kant, a creation only knows that the square has four sides after learning to count, while for an adult it seems “inductive.”
The video is a short discussion about idealism of Kant to Hegel:


Refugee Drama and Italian Government

21 Aug

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, because of controversy over accepting refugees, with his deputy Matteo Salvini, resigned Tuesday in the Italian parliament, and said he would inform President Sergio Mattarela on the same day.
Along with Salvini is the 5-star heiress of blogger and comedian Beppe Grillo, who came to the government as M5S, which in the last elections had 33% of the votes and has 229 deputies, was a government ally, but sometimes controversy with Mattarela’s “league” are united to prevent immigrants from reaching the country, without Conte the right can “turn back”.
In his speech in parliament Conte sharply criticized his deputy for saying he wants to anticipate the elections, which is “irresponsible” and “despises parliament”, and throws Italy into a “dizzying spiral of political and financial instability”.
Salvini is one more who wants to leave the European Union, it seems that every extreme right in the world has only one program, recreating the nations from an economic point of view is a catastrophe, also in England Boris Johnson’s speech about leaving the European Union , is already voted but without possible agreement, show that chaos is not what says these new “nationalists” were of time, is the chaos that they themselves implant, the UK that says so.
Portugal will have elections this year, there the program seems the opposite, the right-wing parties say “we are Europe”, although they do not say clearly what this means, because during the Salazar period there was a speech of “proudly alone”, Salazar was resurrected in other countries maybe.
Spain is a case, I had no good impression of the Catalans until I went there, noting that it is the central government that is the rightmost, and that Catalonia’s nationalism is similar to many small countries in Europe where ethnicities were massacred.
Without taking sides of course, I think the Catalans would wish to continue in the Europa zone, but as independents.
Also Italian, the philosopher Giorgio Agamben described these stateless and dispossessed men of the earth as Homo Sacer, the fringe of qualified political life, man as a political subject, and unlike many interpretations there was the zoo, which was treated as a slave by domains of war, or for living an almost animal life, not for their desire


How was holography born

20 Aug

Dennis Gabor was a Hungarian electrical engineer working in England in the post-war 1947 who, thinking of quality street lighting invented holography, in fact his research was to look for clearer records of electron microscopy.

The problem with nascent electron microscopy was the aberrations that the electromagnetic lens produced and he was trying to reduce, the electron microscopes were a breakthrough, and so he had a whole new idea, eliminating the lens.

This was because it was known that the information corresponding to light was independent of it and the process of photonics is not the same as light, although both depended on light, the natural light in the lens was only that which solar energy or local lighting allowed. ..

He experimented with light from low-pressure, green-filter mercury lamps that proved his point.

He had already experimented with mercury lamps, and the result proved what he already thought, the low-pressure green-filter mercury lamp that proved what he said.

In 1958 Yuri N. Denisvuk read a science fiction book, and unaware of Gabor’s invention, obtained the holography in another way, but in higher order did not publish the result.

 In 1962, the engineers E. Leith and Y. Ypatnieks who had in the laboratory the first practical laiser, and knowing Gabor’s idea, proved the effect and created the first high quality holograms, Gabor won the Nobel in 1972 and passed away in 1972. 1979


Holographic Transmission 2022 Football Cup

19 Aug

This is what Japan promises, already in 2015 they had bought this right without even knowing if the technology would be mature, with the 5G internet and the possibilities of drones that map the movements of each player in the field, let us remember that the idea Player movement has been possible for a long time, with games available every cup.

As the Qatar Cup is being questioned, Japan has already proposed to host saying that the 2002 World Cup, which by the way Brazil was Champion, has proved the infrastructure capacity and qualities of football stadiums, now launches as an alternative to Qatar .

Suminori Gokon, chief director of the Japanese World Cup committee, said it was time to return something like a return to the participating countries, as well as entertainment, with the possibility of a free point view that allows fans to navigate the field. Choosing the field of vision that I have from the game, I am already imagining a VAR with these resources, would reach the body of the player to observe the contact in a foul.

It proposes an augmented reality not yet known which is the possibility of not only capturing the lines by lip reading, they also translate the lines in several languages ​​(photo), of course the mouth in hand to speak will become a total craze on football fields.

In South Africa the president made an appearance using hologram technology to be present at two events at the same time, recently Portuguese TVI used the pivot journalism José Alberto Carvalho to make a Vodafone promotional call on the premises Vodafone Paredes de Coura, more than 400 km from the studio, due to the speed of 5G transmission, it is not possible to notice the delay in speech that he was making with the other caller at a distance.

Below the video where Japan purports to be the holographic broadcast promoter of the 2022 World Cup: