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The treasure and the passing things

01 Aug

Of the many things we see around us, few actually seem to have treasure value, it seems that everything succumbs to time and human carelessness, if we do not choose the essentials everything seems disposable and little seems treasure.
Attachment to luxury, fleeting values and not the essentials is none other than the fact that we do not really know where the treasures are, one can reverse the biblical saying, but what is right is “where is the treasure, there is yours heart ”(Matt. 6:21) and not the other way around, for the heart knows where it is.
There are many legends or truths, little is known about the treasures of Edward Teach (1680-1718), the BlackBeard specializing in the sacking of ships, or the treasure left by the escaping Spaniards of Peru (1820), or where the 7 million are. dollars from mobster Arthur Flegenheimer (1902-1935) who before being caught and killed in a shooting would have hidden his fortune.
Much has been written about the treasure, “who found a friend found a treasure” that is from the Ecclesiastical, Charles Haddon Spurgeon was a Calvinist preacher who say he spent half of his ministry writing “The Treasure of David”, there are also stories of people who found treasures, a fisherman who has found a large pearl in the sea, or someone who has found a huge diamond and even a child’s treasure-hunting game.
But the truth is that we should have a treasure hidden in our hearts so that it is not something ephemeral or a simple personal object, but something that can give us peace and joy for a lifetime, this will be a treasure a give us something greater than mere utility or passenger value.
So be careful when choosing the treasure to put our heart there, that it be true and eternal, that lasts in the days of sorrow and tribulation, that can be given to others, and has true value and not just utilitarian value.