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Closing, pride and fall

30 Aug

Closed groups oppose criticism, call for dialogue and openness, but they are just what they are not allowed, making long speeches, are persuasive without opening up to what is distinct, ignoring the possibilities of mistakes and flatterers who do not use their support.
This is the mistake of the proud, failing to observe how the failures, and failing to realize or what leads to occur, even well-meaning groups and people, but with severe damage to a feeling of superiority, than in the last occurrences after the interruption. of pride, already stated in the previous post that can be positive, for the vanity that leads to the fall.
Great weapons are not enemies, which they are not always, for they can be people who warn of failures and serious defects, such as large corporations, groups with large applications and interests, and get lost in vices and defects that lead to serious falls.
There is no way to break or close allies and applause, unless there are warnings of misconceptions and that in general there are, there is always someone or some well-meaningly disabled voice showing who are the same values and great values.
Good proposals and good intentions are not lacking, but those who led the war, mistreatment, and the Forces alien to the common welfare of power generally went to the fragility of welfare, for those who have few resources to care for and many have for themselves.
To discard, it seems that all is well, but the price of freedom is an eternity, says popular wisdom, direction of goodness as well.
In biblical terms, there is a passage in which Jesus observes and arrives at a place where guests hosting guests are all sitting in privileged places, and tells them a parable of a wedding party, which explains that it may be ashamed if the owner of the come home and ask to sit further back giving a place for a more illustrated guest.
He says that by having a party he can be excluded because he receives nothing in return, “when a party invites the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind” (Luke 14:13), they have nothing to do with repaying. therefore they will always be the same.
Van Gogh’s picture of potato eaters reminds the poor of their time, the characters seem to have a deformed human condition.