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Antimatter and worldview

10 Sep

By Christmas 2016, the particle accelerator, known for the discovery of the Higgs particle, also called the God particle, was able to produce an antimatter, but precisely the antihydrogen, which for simplicity is supposed to be just like Helium. first substances produced in the Big Bang.
Many people, including scientists, in saying that matter and antimatter themselves produce, believe this rival the idea that God (or God in nonmonotist religions) created the universe, but the most important result would be that matter and antimatter have characteristics. similar, and this should be done by spectroscopic analysis.
At least in the case of Hydrogen, it is to prove that hydrogen and antihydrogen have identical spectroscopic characteristics, predicted in the model called Standard Physics that unifies all physics and gives matter the revelation as “autonomous” and “self-sufficient”. , that is to say it produces itself without needing an external form, this has not yet been proved.
This project is called ALPHA (this is Alpha and Omega, beginning and end), and according to project researcher Jeffrey Hangst this “is a dream come true, it was to this end that he started the project 23 years ago. , “To be able to look at such a transition in an antihydrogen particle.”
According to him, there is still much to do, adding that the discovery has opened “a whole variant of physics”, Jeffrey Hangst, head of CERN’s ALPHA project, said “this is a dream come true.”, and he agree: “that’s what I predisposed myself to 20 years ago: to be able to look at such a transition in an anti-hydrogen particle”.
Much remains to be done, but I can say right now: this is the biggest step in my career and in the history of this kind of experience.”
Hangst assumed, ensuring that this discovery“ opens up a whole new variant of physics. ”
The video below explains what the ALPHA project is: