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The Oscar of the Parasite

10 Feb

I was convinced that the Academy would give this year the Oscar to the Joker, although it never admits for political reasons, it seems that some foundation (or several) lost has made us return to nationalist and authoritarian values that generally lead to autocracies and dictatorships .
Differentiating autocracy differs from dictatorship, when power (Kratos) is exercise by itself (self) means power by power, while dictatorship is the denial of democracy, and what emerged in the contemporary world is a mixture of the two people, in free elections .
The award-winning Joker is a good image, it is reasonable to give the Oscar for best actor, although the character is a pathological mixture of mean ingredients, with the nomination of 14 categories was already a sign of a certain “veneration” for the film, that not is to resulted.
I remember that The Wicked (1950) and Titanic, in addition to the recent La la Land had 14 nominations.
Two awards given, either by exclusively artistic criterion (forgetting ethics and politics), would be only an actor but also won more 2 categories.
I had decided not to comment, but the nomination of Dois Papas (by Brazilian Fernando Meirelles) and the controversial documentary Democracy in vertigo, about what I say here, went from the opposite hand of the Joker, Two Popes received the consolation prize for adapted script.
I leave my protest, no doubt 1917 (3 figurines) has great qualities, who watched Parasite (won 4) the film almost hypnotizes us and Once upon a time in Hollywood (3 figurines) deserved more, I am surprise for better actress Renée Zellweger.
Last as animation the statuette went to Toy Stories which I think is deserved.