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Brazil: incert future of pandemic

08 Jun

Problems with social isolation, difficulties to take tougher measures, now Brazil is plunging into an uncertain future: there is a lack of data, a clear policy and planning.

The official data will now depend on the seriousness of the regional Health Secretariats and the hard work of doctors and hospitals, and the planning of the responsibility of local authorities, at the most general level there is a proposal for a planned opening, but it may be disordered.

The available data indicate an increase during the week that passed over a thousand deaths reaching a peak of 1473, which retreated at the weekend to the level of a thousand deaths.

The curve we have drawn seems to reflect the scenario of instability, although lagged from 7 to 14 days, as deaths are the reflection of infections in the past days, they are the real data, because even if the degree of infection is falling below one , one person infects another, this does not mean that contagion and lethality have reduced, in the Brazilian case it is necessary to understand the internalization of the cases and the regional resources for the fight, as is the case of the Amazon and poor regions.

The pressure of the economic groups to open the market, the political uncertainty and the game of alliances that is made due to this scenario, take the focus of the pandemic and move to the political scenario, a sad picture for the country.

Despite large groups that carry out solidarity actions, the effort of doctors and nurses, the lesson we are drawing from this pandemic as a people is the worst possible, we are not fond of the simple people, not even with many deaths and the fatigue of almost 3 months of pandemic.

Some countries will emerge better from the pandemic as a nation, Brazil will not, we were unable to join forces, to be supportive nationally with the pains of a scourge and inconsistent with our love that we declare to the country, it remains for us to do our part and hope that the virus recedes