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Eucharist and the aorgic effect

11 Jun

Just as we came from inorganic nature (be it the clay as those who believe, either due to the evolution of the first primitive species) the aortic evolution of the world, man with his hand will plant the vine and with his work he will make bread, ancestral and present food in all cultures.

The aortic unveiling of the virgin who conceives the Son-God in her womb and recreates her own creation in her mother’s womb, and then will manifest itself at Pentecost on the coming of the Apostles as the second aorgic manifestation, as stated by St. Gregory Nazianzo on this moment: “God’s love is not idle; it works great things, if it really exists ”.

This unveiling will be completed as a testament to the Son-God as a covenant with men in the Eucharist: “in remembrance of me you will do it”, the last aorgic manifestation of Jesus among men, the Supreme Being becomes a Body in bread and wine : the Eucharist.

About this fact Augustine of Hippo says: “The Lord has entrusted His Body and Blood to us in such things that are reduced to unity from many others, because bread is one, although it consists of many grains, and wine it is made from many grapes”.

Now the Trinitarian God reveals himself in the Sacred Body of the Eucharist in drink and cooking made by human hands, the wine made from the vine and the baked bread from the wheat, and as it is said in Cantico dos Canticos: “Eat, friends, and drink; and intoxicate yourselves, dear friends, ”the Corpus Christis party should bring joy to millions, but the pandemic still limits the party.

Because God deprived us of such a great feast, would there be an even greater aorgic manifestation? Could the relationship between mother Mary and her Son still say something more sublime for humanity? the suffering of millions of people and the fear of this pandemic may prepare something even greater.

As the poet Hölderlin says: “where there is fear there is salvation”, but it is not yet.