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The second wave and vaccines

16 Nov

The second wave arrived in the United States, it is good to remember that it is in the same hemisphere as Europe, so the seasonal period in which the virus prefers colder and wetter periods, there are in the middle of autumn and approaching winter, caused the numbers of infections and deaths to rise in the U.S. territory, last Thursday reached the

The vaccines follow coronavac’s controversy, while the initial success of pfizer and biontech testing pointed to an efficacy of more than 90%, made until the exchanges rose and there was an optimism around the pandemic, affecting even the exchanges.

The development formula has a different action from the traditional ones, functions as an immunizer that rather have the ability to end the pandemic of Covid-19, most vaccines use the idea of the weakened virus or the inactivated virus, which is the case of Coronavac.

The vaccine of pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNTech, pointed out an efficacy greater than 90% and the formula has a different action from traditional vaccines, it has an immunizing the idea is to make our own body produce the protein of the virus and thus expand the possibility of producing antibodies.

The reported cases that claim that the vaccine causes a “hangover”, as the name says are cases and there are no scientific studies that indicate any problem due to this side effect, almost all vaccines cause some effect a small fever, a tiredness or some pain in the body.

Also the anticipation of the vaccine is possible for both Pfizer and coronavac, with proof of a second wave coming, the number of cases in the U.S. grew surprisingly reaching 76,195 last Thursday (the record of July 16 was 77,299) and Europe already adopts social isolation measures to try to contain the second wave , which have already announced measures to close schools and restrict bars and restaurants.

In Brazil the numbers are also rising, still without concrete measures, most state governments falter in taking hard measures due to the tiredness of the population with the restrictions that are prologing, although there has never been a hard measure such as a lockdown or restriction of movement.

A comparative analysis of the second wave of the Spanish flu (figure) that killed 50 million people in a much smaller global population than the current one shows that the second wave may in fact be much worse than the first, and also seasonality (autumn and winter in Europe) should be considered.