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The pandemic is a warning about education

02 Dec

The pandemic could have helped our human understanding, about our limitations, about our interdependence and above all about the uncertainties we have lived since our birth, life as well as goodness and goodness are fragile and need to be taken care of.

Throughout his 99 years, the thinker Edgar Morin lived what many of us read only in books, the experience of this remarkable educator is that there is an evil that all provided in different degrees, human understanding, humanism that encompasses every man and change your life.

The fundamental philosopher’s concern in times of pandemic is political and religious polarization, which, in convergence with Jonathan Haidt’s thinking, leads to the idea that empathy and collective consciousness are essential to avoid or minimize this dangerous polarization.

The thought developed by Haidt around the pandemic is the fact that “we are stuck together here”, takes the idea of ​​everyone in the same boat, also the name of a book by Peter Sloterdijk, it is from there that he starts trying to lead to a new horizon of well-done and civilized dialogue, patient listening and acceptance of different views, in fact always happened, but the issue is moral differences.

It is not an easy task, says Morin, the ways in which our moral psychology has evolved, precisely for education, it is necessary to teach human understanding in schools and understanding, because it is an evil that we all suffer to a certain degree.

In addition to this, the philosopher, who is almost a hundred years old, must be taught that the only certainty in every human destiny is that life is made up of uncertainties, last week we posted Heidegger’s being-to-death poorly understood and that in this time of pandemic it can lead the human being just to the opposite to which we are heading, the discovery of the infinite, of respect for the other and of morals, as Morin wants.

A cold analysis makes us pessimistic, because the dangers are so many, even with the vaccine, with it there may come an even bigger problem, which is ignoring the problems we have beyond the pandemic, but Morin’s insistence on educational and moral issues points a way good