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The crisis of Nature and aorgic transform

10 Dec

The apparent death of thought was developed by Peter Sloterdijk, it is also in his other writings If Europe awakened, The critique of cynical reason and the 3 volumes of the Spheres, however a root pointed out there is not fully developed the relationship with nature, its “Aorgic”.

Rousseau had already debated with the atheistic Illuminists saying that what is most insulting “is not thinking (the Divinity) but thinking wrong about it”, he elaborated his famous speech on the profession of faith of the Savoyard vicar in which he expresses their religious conceptions.

However, the important thing is his thought about nature “a will moves the universe and animates nature”, since Aristotle’s relationship with man is to see her as submissive to the human will such is the anthropocentric paradox, because Nature is beyond and it precedes man, who is part of it and not its absolute master, although as Teilhard Chardin says it is its maximum complexity.

This complexity of nature is developed by Edgar Morin, in his Method I which is the Nature of Nature, but the place of man in nature (the title of one of Chardin’s books) is still incognito and we now know that if we do not obey it, it perishes and we also as a consequence, that is why anthropocentrism is a paradox, we are codependents and co-participants of Nature, and it shows signs of agony, also the skeptic Harari sees this, and many experts.

What will be the reaction of nature, it could happen due to a strong event that changes the whole planet, the so-called aortic reaction, the inorganic over the organic, the earth would totally change and some mystics created an image of this new earth (above), which I call of “newgea”, in reference to the great mutation of the earth by successive earthquakes in pangea, there would be a chain reaction.

We must remember Energy sources such as nuclear plants, the tsunami followed by the tsunami in Japan (march 2011) showed that nuclear plants are a problem, deactivating them is not possible.

Harari, speaking of Homo Deus, his second successful book, believes that man would do this, religious (some of course), mystics and visionaries know that an aorgic event can occur.