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Advent, but what will happen?

11 Dec

This is the question that takes on different shapes in the Christmas season, there will be a new normality, the world leaders are going for a “big reset” (word used in the world forum), but it seems that the central concern is the economy, even though they speak of “New Green Agreement” or the calls of socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for a new balance.

Apparently, they are not aware of a deeper crisis, of thought and culture, even being able to say a great night of “God”, religion synonymous with lack of common sense and social separatism, although the religious leaders themselves say seek the opposite.

Those who are concerned with the failure of humanism, with a civilizing collapse would only be apocalyptic, so the analyzes that we are walking as “sleepwalkers in the dark” (Edgar Morin), which “is not a proper time for thought” (Peter Sloterdijk ) and that we live in the hell of the equal (Byung Chul Han), there are many thinkers who see this crisis.

It is a picture with no apparent solution, where ideological cries are reborn and the tendencies for a change different from what has been thought until today is almost unnoticed, as Albert Einstein’s famous phrase says: “madness is wanting different results, doing everything exactly the same”.

Who are the prophets and oracles of this time who would announce great changes? what proportions will they have? will nature itself rebel with its imbalance? are times for a new earth and a new sky?

Socrates announced the period of ancient Greece that preceded modern society, the coming of Jesus was preceded by the last and greatest of the prophets John the Baptist, who are they today?

The Gospel of John 1,22-23, after several questions from the Pharisees to John the Baptist, he replied: “Then they asked: ‘Who are you, anyway? We have to take an answer to those who sent us. What do you say about yourself?’  João declared: ‘I am the voice that cries in the desert: Flatten the way of the Lord ’ ” – as the prophet Isaiah said.

For those who have sense, it is time to smooth the paths for those who have no carelessness