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2020: a year for which there was no preparation

30 Dec

The pandemic took us by surprise, so much so that there are still people who do not believe that it is happening, in round numbers there are almost 82 million cases of covid-19, 46 million recovered, and it is reaching almost 2 million deaths in the All the world.

The Olympics in Japan has been postponed, if it occurs it will be in a much smaller scale than the previous ones, planes stopped after flight records in 2019, which reached 230 thousand flights in a single day, entire cities empty due to the lockdown: Paris , London and other major European cities were unrecognizable without the daily hype and economies around the world were weakened.

Many analysts anticipated a post-pandemic that is still uncertain and just as the pandemic was unpredictable, from apocalyptic to utopian, what will be the new normal may still be indefinable.

In politics, polarization continued, new crises of anthropologically serious social problems such as racism, machismo and xenophobia (see Sloterdijk’s analysis in the previous post) came to the fore, since they are problems that have always existed in human history.

Also a word that defines the year for those who are aware of this set of issues is resilience, but the proper use of this word implies an even greater knowledge of its meaning: the individual’s ability to deal with problems, adapt to changes, overcome obstacles or resist the pressure of adverse situations or some dramatic situation.

While some countries have managed to react with resilience, due to culture and political difficulties, most countries, at least in the West, oscillated between situations of restrictions with the closure of public places: shopping malls, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, and a relaxation that almost always led to an increase in covid-19.

An absolutely abnormal year that a deeper analysis can only be made from some historical distance and what can happen after the vaccine is unpredictable