Arquivo para February 1st, 2021

Urgent myanmar!

01 Feb

Myanmar, formerly Burmese, was ruled by military forces until 2011, when after a long period of protests, in which Suu Kyi returned to the country to resist with the population the authoritarianism of the military government, ended up giving in and making democratic reforms.

The film made about her was made just at the moment when the democratic forces were removing the military from power, The Lady (in Portuguese translated as Beyond Freedom), tells the story of Aung Suu, Kyi daughter of Bogyocke Aung San, a great statesman considered father of the Burmese nation, his recent story was told in the film directed by Luc Besson, the ending was adapted because the country was undergoing a process of redemocratization, after numerous protests and the arrest of Sun Kyi.

After 9 years of redemocratization, which would consolidate with the overwhelming victory in November, of his party the National League for Democracy (NLD in English) and that the military claims to have been “defrauded” without presenting any proof of this and now they have returned to power.

In a letter written before being arrested, Suu Kyi denounced that military actions put the country back under the dictatorship, and asked the people to “protest the coup”, “do not accept it”.

The world that lives under new threats of fascism must protest against yet another blow to democracy and the peaceful coexistence of peoples. Stuck many times, it is a sentence: “The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear”


Reinfection, care and vaccine

01 Feb

Current studies indicate that someone who has had covid may have a new infection because of the virus mutation, in São Paulo there are already three confirmed variants (by the Adolfo Lutz Institute, of course many will not even be counted because it is necessary to have PCR tests), and there are suspected cases in Santa Catarina, Paraná, Acre and Mato Grosso do Sul, while the infection is growing and the vaccination campaign is still going slowly.

The variant of the virus called P1 has already been detected in eight countries, in addition to Brazil, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Faroe Islands. What worries most is that vaccines may not immunize this new variant, studies are still ongoing.

On January 17, a case of reinfection was detected in Manaus, the case was studied and had a scientific article published clarifying and giving data on reinfection by the new variant, it was a 29-year-old woman who had contracted Covid in March of 2020, on December 19 she returned to show symptoms and was diagnosed with the Covid 19 variant.

Care should be redoubled, however, not only are there authorities that neglect social isolation, but there are also contradictory attitudes, the government of São Paulo puts almost every state in the red phase, of greater gravity, but goes to court to take face-to-face classes in public schools already this month, initially lacking coherence in speech and action.

Brazil does not follow the identification, tracking, monitoring and isolation of Covid-19 infections and the alert is from the Brazilian scientists themselves, the Gisaid platform that monitors the virus in the world, has only 0.5% of published cases, studied in Brazil .

Vaccination started mainly with health professionals, it is necessary to clarify that care must be redoubled, since the area of infection is strongest, and that only after a certain degree of vaccination, which depends on the effectiveness of the vaccine, you can have some measure of flexibility, opening completely is far from happening.