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A way for three

04 Feb

It is used to say that the one who is with God has everything, or the one who has a friend has a treasure, or even that the man who found his partner or the partner who found his partner, almost always two by two finds happiness.

Socrates said that the truth is not with men, but among men, that is, there is a third element in the case of logic, but in the onto-logical case there is a third Being.

Who is this, if two people have a true epoch, that is, they are related in a vacuum capable of establishing a connection that produces such a force that a third possibility arises, which can be called mutuality, reciprocity or, more simply: solidarity.

However, this third presence needs a new ontological category, the non-being or what Paul Ricoeur calls in his linguistic discourse “being-like” and that in the logical hypothesis of the included third, the one that exists beyond the A and the Non-A , and that quantum physics establishes as real.

Also the religious discourse would change if the third person that everyone claims could belong not to their own ego, but precisely their denial for the inclusion of the Other, that is why these themes are related, also in the Bible by “love your neighbor” does not mean the of your church, of your group and just the one who passes by your side, but there is something beyond the “how”, that’s how to be “how”.

Being-As establishes Ricoeur in another text (above was a reference to his book Living Metaphor), the text “Le socius et le prochain” (The socius and neighbor in english, without translation into Portuguese), means to overcome the utilitarian barrier of Partner to reach the Next, the book is so important that it deserved a quote in Pope Francis’ Encyclical “Fratelli Tutti”.

Most leaders who do not have the magnetism of a true charisma, apply to any social segment: a company, a religious group, a party or some form of governance, do not look at their followers as “close” (many even want to distance), but as partners, or repeaters of their words and wishes.

Three antidotes are natural for verifying this new type of leadership: his appreciation for the simplest ones that cannot bring great power to “partners”, detachment from the position and the luxuries that power can provide and, above all, an extraordinary capacity to listen.