Arquivo para February 8th, 2021

Vaccines, anticipation and care

08 Feb

Vaccines are undoubtedly the greatest weapon in the fight against Covid-19, but it is necessary to follow the scientific data worldwide, WHO itself certifies that only two vaccines had the data finalized Pfizer and AstraZeneca, being the stages of evaluation (Status of assesment) and date of anticipated decision, according to the WHO website (photo inside).

The others are promised for the middle of February and beginning of March, note that the decision is written in the WHO table is anticipated so that some side effects are appearing after the start of the vaccination, normally this was verified in the final tests.

It is not, therefore, fake-news like a lot of information circulating in the media, the evaluation process has been accelerated, which is clear on the WHO website itself, it is understandable in a way, but it is necessary to know that the process of falling in the curve of infection will take a long time to fall, official data show that the death toll is growing, and there are countries that are already collapsing.

Thus, care must be redoubled and we all need to be aware of this moment, which is now the peak of the pandemic and vacillations in the control of the pandemic only worsen the current stage.

The case of Portugal is iconic, even though the vaccination process has started and is at an even good pace, the contamination of Covid-19 reached very high levels in the country and demanded harsh government measures, and a certain panic in the health system that asked for help from European neighbors.

We cannot imagine that this is just their case and that we will not reach this chaos, if urgent measures are not taken, we will enter the same collapse that a good part of the country already seems to be going, the difficulties of taking hard measures are due to the the bad climate that politics installs in the country, impossible any kind of agreement or common sense at this level.

In the meantime, the people suffer and we hope for the progress of the vaccination stages, but it is good to observe the stage of the vaccines that are being offered and also to make efforts in the purchase of inputs.