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The pandemic, the desert and temptations

19 Feb

The pandemic put us in check as to the rules of conduct of our lives, first the primary (but widely used) idea that we can do everything we want if it is within our reach, the second is to imagine human omnipotence in the case of human medicine for face any difficulty that imposes on us, and the third the crude game of power, which forgets those who suffer.

Temptations are not just a religious problem, they also exist in the spiritual realm (human omnipotence above divine mysteries), but it is also a social problem, we want to drink, leave the house, go to the malls to enjoy the social benefits, and few Sometimes we remember that they are not accessible to everyone, and that their use should also be moderated.

The isolation proposed to us a more restricted way of life, a greater coexistence with those who are closest to us, but also when going out for some activity to remember those who are obligatorily facing the pandemic: the people in the health area, the people responsible for the supply of foodstuffs (remembering those who do not have enough) and also the people responsible for security and essential services (there are many, but the controversy here can be left aside).

We have to face our own desert, isolation forces us, to face our own limits first, to accept them, not to be afraid to ask for help on the issues necessary for our survival: the desert, silence, reflection, knowing how to collect yourself is also an exercise.

There is a more usual temptation which is that of power, only our idea and our concepts are the ones that must be accepted, and also the struggle for power in a growing social polarization where little or almost nothing is discussed, we point out in this blog that it is now on a delicate summit.

The Christian recipe for power is very simple, in addition to valuing the humility and respectful listening of the Other, worshiping and calling only your God and your only son a teacher: Jesus, without this the struggle for power is growing and can lead to wars and social upheavals.

Before beginning his public life Jesus went to the desert to face his human frailties (Mk 1,12-13), it was his great asceticism, the Jews believed that in the desert lived an evil spirit called Azazel (Lev. 16 and Tb 8 , 3) however, a contemporary reading, the pandemic is an opportunity, even if forced and not exactly good, it is a serious disease, the desert that each one had to face can be an asceticism.